Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Wow!  I feel as if the last few weeks I have been preparing and packing for our vacation!  We will be gone for 11 days and you would think with the amount of preparing, we would be gone for a month….  Whew… The anticipation (and slight anxiety) kills me.  I seem to overanalyze and overpack so as not to forget a thing.  Not a thing… 

Sierra has been SO uber-excited(is that a word?) with her countdowns, things she wants to do, the plane ride activities, etc. and even her PJ’s need to have the correct theme!



Sierra picked out the fabric from my stash and I used a pants pattern and shortened the length to make PJ shorts.  The applique is also from my “stash” from a few years ago, so I do not remember where it is from.  Sorry-brain freeze.  I added cap sleeves from a RTW shirt.  PJ’s done!

Sierra can be fashionable and fun in her new PJ’s overlooking sunsets and lots of oceanDon't tell anyone smile  It always pleases me to sew things for my family when it is something they are looking for.  This theme is close to my heart.

Aloha all and Mahalo for reading my post!  I will have to share some pictures on my return. (if I decide to come backWinking smile)




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