Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fun Christmas gifts

This is a wonderful time of year but sometimes lends little time for blogging and creating ;(   My husband and 2 daughters have 2 weeks off for the Christmas vacation.  I have squeezed in a few moments to show you some items I made recently!

A shopping/grocery bag for my Dad!  Yes, a bag of money… It folds to wallet-size.  I just love this fabric.  It is a Robert Kaufman fabric found at Joann’s.

Christmas Sewing 001

I also made this skirt for my niece, Miss Kate.  At her preschool, her group is named “The Owls”.  Hence the fabric and the applique I used.  I love creating a one-of-a-kind custom-made outfit!  I cannot wait to see her in it!  Both fabrics are from Hobby Lobby and the owl applique is from Lynniepinnie.com.  I had a tough time finding a plain, short-sleeve shirt this time of year.  Whew……..

Christmas Sewing 052

Christmas Sewing 054

Christmas Sewing 055

Enjoy the rest of the time with your families!  Maybe… I can sneak in a little sewing time.  Miracles happen this time of year I’m told Winking smile


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Have you been shopping and shopping, wrapping, addressing those Christmas cards, baking, crafting, decorating the house(not just the tree) and saying to yourself “I cannot wait for Christmas to be over”.  Go ahead, admit it….it’s okay!  If you are reading my blog, you have taken a few moments to do something other than “Holiday stuff”.   

I always obsess about the holidays and wanting it picture perfect and it always ALL falls into place.  It really is about spending time with our families and reflecting on all the joys in our lives.  I look back on my childhood and miss my grandparents SO much and I find peace knowing they will always be with me.   Some of my recipes are my grandmother’s and date back generations.  My LOVE for baking and cooking was bestowed on me from my grandmother-what a wonderful gift she gave me…

I recently saw this embroidery file from


and knew I had to have it… It reminds me of the reason for this wonderful time of year.  My 4 year-old niece, Miss Kate, LOVES, LOVES anything PINK!  I quickly embroidered it and gave it to her!  In her mind, trust me, Christmas SHOULD be pink. 

Christmas Sewing 006

For me the Holidays just would not be the same without LOTS of baking… Here is a cake I made using Nordicware’s Christmas Wreath pan=LOVE it!!!

Christmas Sewing 013

From my home to yours(or my computer to yours) I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poinsettia Pillows

Did you ever have a project or a craft that you wanted try and it took you a year or more?  Yes, that ‘s me because there is ALWAYS something I see or think of doing.  Last Christmas season, I saw this felt poinsettia pillow and knew I HAD to have it!  It was pretty late in the season and with all the shopping, baking, and wrapping presents, it did not come to fruition.  But, I kept a mental note and finally did it!  Yeah!
I just think this is the cutest thing ever.  I love working with felt as it does not fray.  That means less time on the sewing machine.  A lot less time.  Just cut the shapes and go.  Of course, I had to sew them down to the pillow cover but I whenever I work with felt, I feel as if I “cheated”.  LOL!  
How fun is this pillow?  I am thinking about making another one in red….maybe put glitter on the button or bells! 
Poinsettia Pillow 001
Poinsettia Pillow 006
Poinsettia Pillow 022
Poinsettia Pillow 028

I think this makes a great addition to my front hallway and pleases me each time I pass by(usually with the laundry ;( )  I made the pillow cover removable so I can stash it away with all the other Christmas decorations.   I’m actually thinking of creating a couple of these holiday themed, of course, Valentine’s Day, St. Pat’s Day, Easter, July 4th, using felt.  I can just keep reusing the same pillow form….
Now can you understand why my projects NEVER end-I keep creating new projects.  Now for some eggnog…..

Click on this link for a printable tutorial with template.  Once at Acrobat, you will need to hit the download button, save to your computer and then print.  If you don’t the template will not come out true to size!!  If you have any questions,please feel free to email me!!!



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