Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Red

Little Red Riding Hood, that is!  My daughter chose her costume and I thought it was pretty creative being that at this age the costume selections start to get pretty edgy.  Sierra seems to always "morph” into her character.

The finished project from different angles!




Little Red modeled for us before heading off into the forest….




I have so much fun making costumes.  It’s almost as if I am the one wearing the costume.   The pattern for this is McCall’s 6187


My Halloween fun is definitely sewing the costume, for sure.  Just think-it’s calorie-free but full of fabric.  My kind of treat!  Ok. Ok.   I’ll admit there is always room for a butterfinger or two or three…..  Oh, the chocolate, the peanut butter flavor.   Yum. 


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