Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fun Christmas gifts

This is a wonderful time of year but sometimes lends little time for blogging and creating ;(   My husband and 2 daughters have 2 weeks off for the Christmas vacation.  I have squeezed in a few moments to show you some items I made recently!

A shopping/grocery bag for my Dad!  Yes, a bag of money… It folds to wallet-size.  I just love this fabric.  It is a Robert Kaufman fabric found at Joann’s.

Christmas Sewing 001

I also made this skirt for my niece, Miss Kate.  At her preschool, her group is named “The Owls”.  Hence the fabric and the applique I used.  I love creating a one-of-a-kind custom-made outfit!  I cannot wait to see her in it!  Both fabrics are from Hobby Lobby and the owl applique is from Lynniepinnie.com.  I had a tough time finding a plain, short-sleeve shirt this time of year.  Whew……..

Christmas Sewing 052

Christmas Sewing 054

Christmas Sewing 055

Enjoy the rest of the time with your families!  Maybe… I can sneak in a little sewing time.  Miracles happen this time of year I’m told Winking smile


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Have you been shopping and shopping, wrapping, addressing those Christmas cards, baking, crafting, decorating the house(not just the tree) and saying to yourself “I cannot wait for Christmas to be over”.  Go ahead, admit it….it’s okay!  If you are reading my blog, you have taken a few moments to do something other than “Holiday stuff”.   

I always obsess about the holidays and wanting it picture perfect and it always ALL falls into place.  It really is about spending time with our families and reflecting on all the joys in our lives.  I look back on my childhood and miss my grandparents SO much and I find peace knowing they will always be with me.   Some of my recipes are my grandmother’s and date back generations.  My LOVE for baking and cooking was bestowed on me from my grandmother-what a wonderful gift she gave me…

I recently saw this embroidery file from


and knew I had to have it… It reminds me of the reason for this wonderful time of year.  My 4 year-old niece, Miss Kate, LOVES, LOVES anything PINK!  I quickly embroidered it and gave it to her!  In her mind, trust me, Christmas SHOULD be pink. 

Christmas Sewing 006

For me the Holidays just would not be the same without LOTS of baking… Here is a cake I made using Nordicware’s Christmas Wreath pan=LOVE it!!!

Christmas Sewing 013

From my home to yours(or my computer to yours) I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poinsettia Pillows

Did you ever have a project or a craft that you wanted try and it took you a year or more?  Yes, that ‘s me because there is ALWAYS something I see or think of doing.  Last Christmas season, I saw this felt poinsettia pillow and knew I HAD to have it!  It was pretty late in the season and with all the shopping, baking, and wrapping presents, it did not come to fruition.  But, I kept a mental note and finally did it!  Yeah!
I just think this is the cutest thing ever.  I love working with felt as it does not fray.  That means less time on the sewing machine.  A lot less time.  Just cut the shapes and go.  Of course, I had to sew them down to the pillow cover but I whenever I work with felt, I feel as if I “cheated”.  LOL!  
How fun is this pillow?  I am thinking about making another one in red….maybe put glitter on the button or bells! 
Poinsettia Pillow 001
Poinsettia Pillow 006
Poinsettia Pillow 022
Poinsettia Pillow 028

I think this makes a great addition to my front hallway and pleases me each time I pass by(usually with the laundry ;( )  I made the pillow cover removable so I can stash it away with all the other Christmas decorations.   I’m actually thinking of creating a couple of these holiday themed, of course, Valentine’s Day, St. Pat’s Day, Easter, July 4th, using felt.  I can just keep reusing the same pillow form….
Now can you understand why my projects NEVER end-I keep creating new projects.  Now for some eggnog…..

Click on this link for a printable tutorial with template.  Once at Acrobat, you will need to hit the download button, save to your computer and then print.  If you don’t the template will not come out true to size!!  If you have any questions,please feel free to email me!!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

There’s no place like home!

As promised, here are some pictures of Sierra in her Dorothy costume!  She really LOVED this costume and IMHO, it definitely is one of the best costumes she has ever had.  My mindset was how many more Halloweens will she want to wear a costume?  I really wanted her costume to be special and reflect her personality as well.

I only wish I had a picture of her when she first put on the dress after I did her hair and makeup.  I think she felt transformed and fell into her character as well.  Mothers never forget certain memories….  Her amazed face is definitely one of many I will always remember.

Jo's Pictures 037

Jo's Pictures 039

Jo's Pictures 048

Jo's Pictures 049

Jo's Pictures 056

There’s no place like home…..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Housekeeping…well, sort of!

They say, it’s all in the name.  The name of this post per say.  I guess you think I am knee deep in dusting, laundry, “putting things away”Sad smile(does this stuff just morph when I am not looking) That could be another post or possibly even a book in my household!

No, just easy-peasy, no-brainer, needs to get done kind of sewing!  Nothing really special but I wanted to just blog and let you know I am still around.  Even though I may consider this not really sewing, those little jobs pack a real big punch in a room.   You pass by and think how special or decorated things look just because you added a little something.

Just doing some “housekeeping” and thought I would share.  Are you inspired to sew those pillows you have been wanting to do?  You know who you are Winking smile

For my sewing room, I bought some plain brown baskets and added some fun, sew-appropriate fabric to the basket.  I found some buttons in my stash to add some dimension.


Sewing Baskets

I found these brown microfiber towels and I prayed I had enough leftover scraps from my kitchen/family room makeover to add to them.  I thought matching fabric and our last name initial would jazz them up.  Note: anyone who enters my kitchen, please do not use them.  They are just for looking.  Hey, it is MY kitchen Winking smile

Kitchen Towels 006
These are for my Mom’s kitchen to match her décor.  Yes, my maiden name initial was an “S”!  I am one lucky gal  because I did not have to change the monogrammed luggage from my single days…. If you knew my married last name, we would be having a totally different conversation!  It is all in the name.  He is a wonderful guy!

Kitchen Towels 009
For my nephew, Michael, I made a hamper cover to match his room décor.   Remember this: http://sewwhatbyjo.blogspot.com/2010/03/cute-camo-comforter.html

Not only functional but coordinating as well!

Michael's Hamper Cover
Lastly, my family room pillows.  I sewed the smaller ones and just added some ball fringe to the larger ones. 

Family Room Pillows 007
Family Room Pillows 005
New items added to your décor always adds a bit of fun.  I am tossed between a new apron pattern and a new dress pattern I want to sew up for my next project.  The holidays are approaching and the real housekeeping is never-ending.  So is the creativity.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I wanted to wait until Halloween to blog about this project.  Sierra would be fully dressed in costume from head-to-toe.  I have all the props just waiting for October 31st. But as I always say "Life happens"  I finished this costume on Friday and I am SO excited for Halloween this year.  Secretly, I always wanted to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  I just LOVE everything about the movie, the story, the singing and dancing, and the simplicity of it all is amazing.  We have the Wizard of Oz on DVD, thanks to my Mom, who purchased it for Sierra last Christmas (the DVD came out to celebrate 70 years!) WOW!
In some parts of town this morning it is raining.  Over our backyard, it is cloudy and overcast.  As our school morning routine was happening, my DD, Sierra, said "Mommy, I wonder if there is a rainbow somewhere because it is rainy."  Hmmmm, I ran out in the backyard, PJ's and all, and she was right.  I screamed for her, grabbed the camera, and the newly-sewn Dorothy costume.  This truly was a Kodak moment!
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 001
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 006
As you can tell, I am truly amazed at this natural wonder!  How often do you see a rainbow and coincidentally theme-appropriate?
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 030
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 032
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 035
But, of course, those famous red-ruby slippers....
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 033
I have been planning this costume since the summer.  I purchased the pattern, fabrics, and notions, as I saw the perfect items!   I needed 4 yards of the blue gingham.  This pattern entailed 14 pattern pieces and a zipper ;(-and honestly, I was a little nervous.  As I was sewing this all together, I was highly impressed how authentic it was to Judy Garland's dress.  I had the Wizard of Oz on TV while I was sewing this together, ensuring that this dress was "real",  I kept telling my Mom-this dress is scary, it looks SO real-I think Judy Garland is going to show up in my sewing room...LOL!  
Maybe in my own backyard....?!?!  Coincidence or an applaud from up above for a costume SO loved....
I promise to blog right after Halloween with Sierra in character for all to see!  This costume was SEW fun for me to create.
I could not have asked for more ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sierra's Birthday Cake

I cannot believe tommorow will be Sierra's 12th birthday!  When did that happen? :(

We celebrated her birthday with a pool party this past weekend.  She requested that I make her birthday cake-the giant cupcake cake!  So fun!

I have decorated many cakes since I have taken a Wilton cake decorating course.  This class was not only fun, but it sure has come in handy.  My family does not like store-bought bakery cakes.  I have decorated many cakes and have LOTS of pans and a whole box of decorating supplies!

This particuliar mold is SO easy, even if you have NEVER decorated a cake before.  Kudos to Wilton....  It is fast, easy, and the decorations are endless on this one.  Really!!

If you have a frosting bag and a star tip you are good to go!

Sierra's 12th Birthday 033

This is one giant cupcake!  I decorated the bottom portion of the cake (chocolate)with a "32" Wilton star tip and the top with my fav "1M" tip!  It decorates SO fast and it has that WOW factor like you spent hours decorating(but you didn't) ;)

Sierra's 12th Birthday 031

Sierra also wanted some baby cupcakes to compliment her giant cupcake! 

Here is the Wilton mold that I used to bake the giant cupcake!


I purchased mine at Target and I am sure other stores have this great mold, too!

So sweet, cute, and delicate-looking!  Okay, so is the cake! 

Happy 12th birthday Sierra!

Sierra's 12th Birthday 037

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dress Gone Wild!

Did you ever buy fabric and plan on creating something specific with it, (like a dress) but don't even have a pattern in mind, but you just KNOW what you want to do?  Does this make sense?  I purchased this fabric at Joann's a few months ago and I knew immediately when I saw it, I had to have it.  I had to have it because I thought a summery-type dress would be perfect for this fabric.  I purchased what was left on the bolt.  2 1/2 yards and NO pattern in mind.

I went home and looked through the mounds of patterns I have purchased over the years and not one seemed to be the "one".  Since I only had 2 1/2 yards of fabric it really narrowed down choices.

I found this pattern- a New Look #6980.



I liked all the different versions in one pattern.  Yes, this is the one!  I chose the short version of View C. 

When I went to cut the pattern out, the fabric was just shy a few inches.  I tried moving it up, down, sideways, etc.  to get it to"fit".  It just didn't.... So I decided to cut it and it would probably be fine.  I usually hem my dresses more than the pattern says too.  After sewing the dress, it was WAY too short...

When push comes to shove, here it is!

Jo's Zebra Dress 012

I had to add 4 inches of solid brown fabric.  There is just enough zebra fabric left over to make a headband.  Whew...

Here is the back of this dress.  I LOVE that it has thin straps.  I can still wear a normal bra and the straps won't show.  When constructing this dress, I tried the dress on and strategically sewed the straps to perfectly cover up those hideous bra straps(one of my pet peeve's).  I HATE bra straps showing!

Jo's Zebra Dress 026

I really like how this dress turned out.  It was an easy pattern to put together.  I will definitely sew another one.

Question to self:  Isn't it just easier to walk into a store and buy a dress?  Sewing a garment takes planning and time.  Not to mention if you hit a few snags.... My mother would tell me"just buy a dress". 

But, having one-of-a-kind, perfectly tailored for me garment.... PRICELESS!  Also, I'm just crazy wild about sewing.... ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Slumbering...or so I wish!

Just before school started, my 2 DD's and I were at Hobby Lobby.  For my oldest daughter, it is fun for her.  For my youngest daughter, NOT SO MUCH.... She hates the fabric store!  I dread going there under these circumstances, but we had several errands to run and this was one of the stops.

As I was picking up what I needed, my youngest DD, Sierra, came to me with a bolt of fabric and said, "Mommy, can you make PJ's with this?  I love this fabric!"  It could have been the most expensive and ugliest fabric on earth and I would have bought it anyway.  I wonder if she is "growing up" and her creative juices are coming out...  I was shocked to hear those words from her.  Sierra wanted PJ's from this fabric and I almost forgot everything else I came to the store for because she definitely threw me a curve-but a very rewarding one!

Whooo would have known? ;)

Jo's stuff 014

Jo's stuff 016

Sometimes, it is just easier to cut 2 fabrics at the same time-which is what I did!  Sierra now has an assortment of Fall PJ's.

Jo's stuff 001

Jo's stuff 004

The owl applique is a freebie on sewforum and is just adorable!  The flower applique is my go-to- applique from lynniepinnie.com.

If you were wondering, both PJ bottoms are a capri-length.  This was also Sierra's idea and a great one!

Sierra's creativity is so refreshing and I am SO proud of her.  Proud, yes.  Scared, too.  Why you ask.... My sewing room is in jeporady.  To be taken over by a sassy pre-teen, twilighter, and book-lover.

And..... I'm loving every minute of it. ;) 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Window Boxes with new life!

It seems as if all my home decor projects have been put on the backburner.  Summer vacation and summer heat does not lend inspiration for outdoor home dec projects.  This morning I woke up to a cool 68 degrees and it gave me the jolt I needed-almost more than a cup of coffee...

The morning newscasters were all talking about how "cool" it was outside,  Hmmmm, maybe Fall IS coming to Arizona.  With one of the hottest summers on record(that's what they claim) 68 degrees is almost jacket weather here.  I know....strange!

I had this "planned" a few weeks ago when I was at Lowes and discovered such pretty flowers and then spray paint.  Honestly, all summer they have looked barren and pathetic.


Some well-deserved flowers and 2 cans of spray paint later.....


Ahhhhhhh, Cleaned-up window boxes, pretty flowers, and cooler weather.  My outdoor furniture is brown and now my window boxes look like they belong in my backyard.

Why I am blogging about such a simple, simple project?  Sometimes the easiest projects are the ones we never get to.  This has such a nice effect for something that costs SO little and took less than an hour.

Now, a tall glass of peach ice tea, a chair, a good book, and then---- time to smell the flowers.....


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sierra's Pink Hawaiian PJ's

My Mom recently gave me a pink Hawaiian short-sleeved shirt basic shape t-shirt.  I liked the pink and the Hawaiian embroidery.  If anyone "knows" my daughter, Sierra, she LOVES anything pink and anything Hawaiian.  This shirt was a match made in heaven!

I grabbed my scissors as fast as I could and cut the neckline, made cap sleeves, cut the bottom hem and made strips!  I think I was SO excited to change this shirt that I forgot to take a before picture. :(   With the scraps of knit, I added a ruffle detail around the neckline.

Jo's Stuff 049

I found fabric in my stash to compliment the shirt to make PJ bottoms.  I incorporated a casing at the bottom for ties for some added fun!

Jo's Stuff 055


Jo's Stuff 056

Sierra LOVES her new comfy PJ's-no surprise there.....

Thanks Mom! ;)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Foldable Big Grocery Bag!

IMO, this is a great concept for a grocery bag!  With more stores these days, being "green" bringing your own grocery bags is a smart idea!  I really like this pattern because it folds compactly, plus when you open it up, it is a generous 24" x 15".  There is also a smaller pattern that is more petite if you feel this is TOO large.  It is 20" x 12". 

The pattern I used is Butterick 5507, View B.

Visit the website for more info.


Butterick 6607

The fabric I used, I'm guessing from the colors, is from the late 1980's or early 90's.  I cannot say I am totally in LOVE with it, but it is an outdoor home dec fabric and it is VERY durable.  I have about 10 yards or so of it.  Someone generously gave it to me, because they know I love fabric!  For grocery bags, this is a great quality fabric and it is machine-washable, too!

Miscellanous 8.10.10 034


Miscellanous 8.10.10 039

I definitely LOVE how small and compact these are.  I am thinking this could also be a great item to pack in a suitcase.

Maybe? for the next ones I make I will see if I can find mauve or teal fabric for the bias binding --Yeah, I know, 1992 is calling...

Grab your coupons, be "green", and using a fun fabric on these bags makes you a fashionista shopper for sure....



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