Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can't help falling in love...with this tote!

When I found this fabric at the store, you can only imagine that I was "all shook up"!  I only wish fabric mills would create more panels.  They are SO easy to do when we want to sew something semi-homemade when all the measurements are done for us. 

 Jo's stuff 001

My BIL is a big Elvis fan and when I came across this panel I thought it would be perfect for him.  Hopefully, he doesn't "return to sender"
I am really pleased at the outcome of this tote bag!  I guess "suspicious minds" are wondering how it turned out!

elvis bag 002

Of course I added an additional black fabric liner and added some pockets on the inside to make it stronger and functional!

 elvis bag 007

The bottom border is just perfect with all the elvis words.  Love that!

 elvis bag 010

Okay, Okay, "a little less conversation"!
So "don't be cruel"-please leave me a comment!

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Don't snicker at these Snicker doodles!

When you are looking for a cookie to "comfort" you or just a great kid-approved(adults too) this is a great go-to recipe.  If you are a cinnamon-freak as I, you will LOVE this recipe.  I can compare this to Otis Spukmeyer  or a Mrs. Field type cookie.  So soft and the taste of cinnamon sugar takes over your senses.  The soft texture of this cookie is what really does it for me. 
Here they are scooped so perfectly with my cookie scoop!

stuff 087
stuff 090

Fresh out of the oven.... Mmmmmmmm.

stuff 093

Placed on a decorative plate to appeal to our inner Martha!

stuff 096
stuff 097
This great recipe was shared with me from my daughter's Girl Scout Troop Leader, Jen!  Not only does she do a WONDERFUL job of inspiring the girls, she has a taste for some great cookies.  To assist with the girl scouts baking badge, we needed a recipe that was easy for the girls, fun, quick, and definitely tasty!  This definitely fulfilled ALL those requirements. 
If it passed the taste test of 10 girl scouts( and a few adults) I suggest giving this a try.  As you can see, it only makes about 2 dozen cookies, but can easily be doubled or tripled.   The recipe directions mention vanilla extract, but there is no given amount in the ingredient section-I added 1 teaspoon real vanilla extract and they were great!

Thanks a million, Jen!


Happy Baking,
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Daisy Dress

Spring Break started last Friday, March 12th which equates to DD's are home and social director becomes my career-path for the week!  Between social events, front patio makeover(coming soon) and lack of sewing projects, I have not blogged for some time!  I have LOTS of projects on the assembly line!

Well, it must be spring at the sight of this cute little summery outfit!  This is a McCall's pattern #2526, which is discontinued.  Why do the pattern companies discontinue sought-after patterns?  I LOVE the back of this top and the daisy buttons I put on it.  The fabric, again, is from my over-flowing stash!   The flower appliqué is called "Quick flower appliqué" from  Wonderful embroidery designs and they are having a sale right now, too!

This was a VERY easy and fun pattern to make!  I am fortunate enough that a good friend of my parents bestowed me with some old sewing patterns she no longer wanted.  Love that!!  Thank you Mary for your generosity.  Your patterns are being put to good use!  ;)

stuff 100

Madison daisy dress1

Madison daisy dress2
According to the weather forecast, we definitely are having beautiful spring weather.  Officially, spring starts tomorrow, March 20th, at 10:32 am!

If you are looking at this daisy dress and the calendar, you know Spring must be around the corner....

Stop and smell the daisies....

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Cute Camo Comforter!

As you know, I have 2 DD's and sewing boy things can be challenging for me.  No ruffles, bows, pink, or glitter.  Sigh.... But honestly, this is cute and adorable fabric for a boy's room.  My nephew, Michael, is the lucky owner of this comforter ensemble and perfectly matched paint to boot! 
I promised to blog about this project and I thought actually seeing the comforter in Michael's room would truly show off the wonderful colors!  This is a micro fleece blanket that I "quilted" this fun camo fabric to!  But of course, a matching sham and how could I resist making matching PJ pants? 
Cute, camo, comforter-complete... 
Michael's Bed Ensemble

Michael's Bed Ensemble3

Michael's Bed Ensemble7

Michael's Camo Sham

Off to some spring sewing-thinking of warmer weather.....

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Move over Dunkin' Donuts!

OMG! This recipe is everything you could ever want in a recipe.  Fast, functional, fun, and yummy! It is from the current issue of Family Circle Magazine! (April 1, 2010)  You can decorate these donuts any way you like.  What I love, too, is these donuts are SO much less fattening than fried donuts.  What more could you ask for.  Really, from start to finish  it was a total of 30 minutes for a dessert that looks like you spent hours doing!
First you will need a donut pan.  I searched a couple of stores and unbelievably, I found this pan at Joann's.  It was located by the Wilton products, in a separate little section called "Breakfast Items"-products by Joann's.  It was on sale for $9.00, so hurry if you are interested!!  Buying things on sale, always makes the project better, IMO!
Jo's Baking 005
Here's a look at the batter in the pan.  Placing the batter in a Ziploc-type bag saves clean-up time and ensures the batter stays in the well.  This batter is thick!
Jo's Baking 002
I baked the vanilla donut recipe and 13 minutes in the oven and here they are.  They came out beautiful and perfectly formed.  I was VERY impressed.
Jo's Baking 006Jo's Baking 007

I followed the recipe for vanilla glaze!  I did add 2 1/2 tablespoons of milk versus the 1 tablespoon suggested.  I also added 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.  You can add whatever extract you desire.  Imagine almond, lemon, or even mint.  Mmmmm, mint extract on vanilla glaze and baking the chocolate donuts.  Peppermint patties come to mind!
Initially, this is what I came up.  These are the toppings I had on hand.  I LOVE coconut and my daughters like sprinkles.  The white/black was, of course, for my DH.
Jo's Baking 009

Jo's Baking 012
Jo's Baking 011
My sister sent me this picture of the chocolate donut recipe sprinkled with powdered sugar!  Mmmmmmm.

I know I have gone overboard with pictures of these donuts, but I am trying to really inspire you to try this recipe!   My sister is my inspiration for this find! 
I still cannot believe how fast and easy it is.  The recipe makes only 6 donuts-perfect for a quick dessert in a flash.  Or you can easily double it for 12!  The other option is to purchase 2 pans to really make use of your time.... I see another shopping trip to Joann's.  This has benefits as there just might be some fabric I have to have!
Here are the links to try these donuts.   You have to signup on Family Circle's website, takes about 20 seconds and well worth ALL the wonderful recipes!

If you click on the recipe, it should enlarge on your screen and you can then print it!

Let me know what you think..... Now I need a cold glass of milk! 

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just for Jo!

When I first thought about blogging and creating my own blog, I thought to just blog about sewing.  I honestly battle between being in the kitchen or the sewing room.  I always have sewing projects I want to do or a new recipe (even old) to cook!  Plus my husband and I like to do home projects together.  Little tidbit for you-my DH also enjoys cooking! 

Recently, my sister found this wonderful blue camouflage fabric for my nephew, Michael.  She purchased yards and yards of it.  She enlisted my help to sew this cute fabric to a micro fleece blanket.   I will blog about this project as soon as I get pictures of my project in Michael's blue room!

  I LOVE, LOVE to sew.  If I could sew every waking moment(or more moments)  I would.  I just love the thrill of it all.  I love tweaking projects and making it my own.  I love not being 100% sure on a particular project and being 100% satisfied with the outcome.  I love sewing for my girls.  Girl clothes are the best!  I love not being able to find curtains or any home dec items in a store and I am able to sew it myself.  Sewing for me is way too much fun.  The thrill of a completed project is joy beyond words.... ;)

The "Just for Jo" part is this.   Being a Mom, surprises are usually everyone's stuff is put away neatly or you actually have a moment you are not multi-tasking.  She wanted to thank me for sewing    Michael's new bedroom ensemble.  My surprise.....

Jo's surprise 001

All for me!  I honestly don't know which I LOVE more.   500 new cookie recipes or shopping for "free" at Joann's(my home away from home)  Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... My sister said when she saw the book she knew it was meant for me.  Yes, baking! 

Yes, I know that this is not sewing or a baking blog post, but it is MY post....  Surprises....Just for Jo.  Touched to be kindly gifted for something that is "Just Jo"

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bathroom Glam

I have always found our guest bathroom boring and uninviting.  I guess because it is a small space.  Well, it all started with the tissue holder and soap dispenser I found.  It was the inspiration I needed to get me going.  It was LOVE at first sight.  IMO there is something classy about beige and black together.  

Jo's Sewing stuff 011
Then I found these shower doors that I LOVE.  I like that they have a watercolor-like design on them.  This bathroom needs something-trust me!  DH installed the new shower doors and then our guest bathroom looked institutional and too pristine.  I really thought the shower doors were my answer-but Nooooooo.....
I hunted every fabric store and even thought about cutting a shower curtain if I found the right fabric.   I could not find what I was looking for.  Well, weeks and weeks later I was rummaging through my home dec bolts of fabric, which are buried in the corner of my closet, and voila, there it was!  Fabric in my stash and beige and black themed.  Hmmmmmmmm, could this work?  It was too good to be true! ;)
 Jo's Sewing stuff 005
Jo's Sewing stuff 004
Valance definitely came too mind.  I came across this black curtain tieback I had and my dilemma was complete.  Until I realized my black towels were really boring.  I had scraps left and purchased some trim for these stark towels.

Jo's Sewing stuff 006
Jo's Sewing stuff 010

The bathroom still needs a picture or two, but I think I finally have it decorated to where it is not so boring.  For a guest bathroom, I wanted a more formal effect.(but not too formal)  I think the palm leaves makes it more fun than formal.  Best of all, I had that fabric in my stash and didn't even know it..... Sometimes the best fabric store is our own stash!  ;)  Life is good....

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