Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Little Bit of Dirty Laundry

First on the “laundry list” is Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all.  I hope by now everyone has cooked, digested, cleaned, and shopped until they dropped!  That is what Thanksgiving weekend is for, right?  Of course,  for sharing a great day with Family and having the biggest feast of the year! 

This Thanksgiving was extra-special as my oldest daughter, Lauren, came home from college to spend the holiday with us.  This is the first time she has been away and it was a few months since we have seen her.  How exciting, right?  I was on pins and needles(no pun intended being a sewing blog) as I waited the minutes ticked slowly as she came through the front door!  What is a mother to think?  Does she look more studious? Gained the Freshman 15 pounds?  Is she tired or well-rested?  Ahhhh, there she is and still looks like my Lauren! 

As she entered with her duffel bag, backpack, purse, and Ipad, there was a mesh-type bag filled with…wait, what?  Laundry?  Could it possibly be?  A flashback of a Hollywood movie with the returning college student flashed before my eyes.  Hi, Mom, yes, I ahhhh, brought home my laundry!  REALLY, REALLY.  The laundry bag was filled with dirty laundry and her bed sheets, too!  Wow.  I am one lucky Mama!

After the shock, I did notice this plain laundry bag had seen better days with the tear in it.  The distressed laundry (bag) would put any Mother wondering how their offspring could keep such a hideous sack in their dorm room!

Well, off to the sewing room. Yes, not the laundry room.  I DO have my priorities, yes I do! Winking smile


I found some denim-like fabric and some Hawaiian fabric as contrast.  I thought the denim fabric would be sturdy and hold up to many laundry loads.  The top of the laundry bag has a drawstring to keep everything contained.   I also sewed up a matching little drawstring bag to place her detergent pods, color-catcher, and fabric softener sheets…


Lauren’s new Laundry bag filled with clean, fresh laundry!  In case you were wondering…..yes, I succumbed and did the laundry, too.  I was well-informed that laundry is boring, time-consuming, and costs money?  Just passing that information along.  I did not know that. Smile with tongue out

To think of the tuition, dorming expenses, meal-plan, and miscellaneous costs of going away to college, Lauren has learned all about dirty laundry.  As I mentioned before I am not only a lucky Mama, but definitely one proud Mama…. My daughter IS learning things in college!  Yes, indeed!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fun Journals

Quick and Easy, Fast and fun, scrap-busting, and sewing tease all-in-one!  These are all great descriptive terms for this project!  With the holidays fast-approaching(really?!?)this is a great little stocking-stuffer or just because gift!

I made these 2 fabric-covered journals for my oldest daughter, who is currently away at collegeI don't know smile.  I wanted to make something for her and her roommate.  This fit the criteria for the moment.  What college student doesn’t need a journal to keep lists, keep track of homework assignments, and secretly-encrypted on the pages “Call Mom & Dad”?

How fun to personalize these journals to one’s personality and themes!




I searched the web for some great tutorials on these and there are a bunch!  I choose this one because it is removable and a new composition book can be inserted when all the pages have been used and in the event of that a Starbuck’s Grande Latte is spilled on it!

Yep, a black/white composition book and some scrap fabrics is basically all you need.  So, go ahead and make one or two(or three). 

You know you want one….


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