Friday, April 30, 2010

Flip-Flop Beach/Pool Bag & Towel

On Monday, I received a phone call from my DD's friend's mother.  She is having a surprise party for her DD-last minute!  I was told not to tell my DD about the party until I was driving her to it!  That way it would hopefully be a surprise!  Okay, I can do that!  But..... I cannot ask my DD what her friend likes.
I thought about the usual gifts, maybe a gift card(boring) and then I decided to make her something.  Summer is approaching (at least where I live) and I thought a pool bag( we live in AZ, so I can't call it a beach bag ;(  A new pool season calls for a new towel, too! 
Off to the sewing room(yeah) and a bag and matching towel were created!  I had to secretly sew and embroider without my DD knowing.  If she saw the name "Daly" on this bag she would know that something was up.  I had to clean-up all the evidence whenever I was sewing!  She does not have a clue.....

Pool Bag
Daly's Bag 006
Daly's Bag 017
Matching Towel, of course...
Daly's Beach Bag 008
I purchased the flip-flop fabric from Walmart, but I have also seen it at Joann's.  It is a home dec/outdoor fabric.
The striped fabric on the bag is from Joann's and is also a home dec/outdoor fabric!   I thought this kind of fabric would be perfect for our AZ sunshine!
The flip-flop appliqué is from
Love this appliqué!!

Okay, grab the sunscreen!  It's pool time!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Refashioned Shirt!

Yesterday was Earth Day.  I think we have become aware of how much we waste.  It's true.  I'm glad that our city recycles.  I use fabric bags I've made to carry my groceries.  Small things DO make a difference.  I have read so many blogs where one turns one garment into something totally different-and usually nicer.  Is it "green" or our economy that we are being more creative.  Makes you wonder.....
Honestly, I have SO much fabric that I could make 20 shirts and just barely put a dent in my stash.  Something jumped out at me when my DH did not want this shirt.  I bought this for him several years ago and he wore it but a few times.  He said he did not like the pocket on the shirt-  he does not like pockets on shirts(Note to self...) 
Here is his shirt-Not SO bad...;(
Ken's shirt 002
First I cut the fabric into several pieces.
Ken's shirt 008
Ken's shirt 011
Ken's shirt 010
I found a pattern that I thought my DD would like in my pattern pile.  It is Simplicity # 4123.  I laid out the pattern pieces to the pieces of cut fabric(men's shirt) and it looked like it would work!
I have to admit, some pieces JUST made it!  The pattern was not a button-down shirt, but I thought using the button-down would add some flair.
Ken's shirt 013
Ken's shirt 016
Ken's shirt 015
This was like putting a puzzle together!  Fitting the pattern pieces to the cut shirt!
Here is the outcome!
Ken's shirt 038

I used a thick rolled-edge on my serger and then gathered 2 strips of fabric to create a ruffle.
Ken's shirt 026
I still had the placket from the back of the shirt.  It was sewn on the bias and a bit stretchy.  I liked the way it looked and thought-girl=accessories.   Headband!  Quick, turn on the sewing machine!

Ken's shirt 039
One happy daughter= a green good day!
ken's shirt 043
Yes, DD, I KNOW Green Day is the name of a band....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Black and White Summer Top!

When I gave my neighbor the below post-Apron Set, I was quite jealous.  Why is it I always have time to sew for everyone else-except me?  I have come to learn that is the way it is with sewers.   My aprons are pathetic and sad-looking.  They have been used and abused-yes, with all my baking!  Hmmmm, idea for a new project.  Do I have fabric for a new apron for me, what pattern do I use, do I really need one or want one... Oh, I can go on and on...
Anyway, I seized the moment today and sewed a summer top for me.  It really does look much nicer on.  It is a new pattern that I purchased about 2 weeks ago-yes for me, and unbelievably sewed it up!  I think I am more excited that I created something for me instead of gifts, curtains, or the hemming of pants...I recently sewed a robe for a puppet!  Don't ask....
Here is the link to the summer top pattern.
It is Simplicity pattern #2415.
Jo's Sewing 008
Jo's Sewing 014
Jo's Sewing 016
This top has a baby-doll sort of look.  It is flowy and I love the "faux" tie bow.  It may be hard to see in the pictures as my camera does not like black/white combos.
I really want to make the 3/4 sleeve variation with the adorable ruffle, but I think summer is approaching pretty fast and I will get more use of the short sleeve.
Now to sort through ALL my apron patterns and decide on one... If I actually sew an apron up for me, it may be TOO much for me.  Two projects for me in a short span of time.... I don't know if I can handle this much excitement ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apron Set

Have you ever been invited to a neighbor's home for cheesecake and you have no idea what to bring as a little gift?My husband suggested fresh flowers-as beautiful as they are, they perish ... And how original?!?  I did make a cinnabon coffee cake and just wanted that "perfect" little something else!  I had two days notice to figure this out!

I remembered that Judy LOVES to bake, just like I do.  Aaaaaah, and if Judy is like me, her aprons have probably seen better days.  I know aprons the last couple of years are "in",  Now, to find fabric to complement my neighbor.  I found this fabric and thought who doesn't like hydrangeas?  I LOVE them...

Jo's sewing 006

Jo's sewing 010

Jo's sewing 015

A matching kitchen towel is a must to complete the set.  Good thing I have a stash of accessories to personalize in an emergency!  The towel is a royal blue.  My preference would have been aqua, but I think this color combo worked out just fine!

I know this was the perfect "little something" I was hoping for when I took the first bite of her delicious cheesecake.  Mmmmmmm.  She was not only surprised but so thankful for her new set.  Judy LOVED the "J" on the pocket.

Is it just me or is sewing/embroidery just the best hobby ever?  I LOVE bestowing something so personal to someone that sometimes cannot be purchased.  And I get to spend time in my sewing room......  

Not only will Judy look fabulous in her apron, but she can bake up some fabulous desserts as well.  Judy- you know where I live....

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Monday, April 12, 2010

More Holiday Cookies!

I have posted about these cookies in the past, but I wanted to entice you again.  I used Easter M & M's and the colors showing through are SO pretty.  And yummy. 
Easter Holiday Swirl Cookies 2
Easter Holiday Swirl Cookies
Go to my original posting and you will also find the link to the recipe!  Easy, yummy, fast, and definitely a kid-pleaser with M & M's.

Happy Baking,

Friday, April 9, 2010

Robe Redo

I purchased this robe a few weeks ago.  I had originally passed it up and while I was shopping, I went back and scooped it up.  It looked stark but warm and comfy.  I know what you are thinking.... Who cares as long as it is clean!  It was just too plain for me, but the comfy factor was screaming at me.  Minky fabric is SO soft.
Jo's Sewing 004

Jo's Sewing 007
I feel like Sandra Lee from the Food Network-semi-homemade.  Yes, that is my description of this somewhat sewing project.  Embellish a piece of RTW.  Easy, fast, and fashionista-looking results.  Should I also mention that it was on mega-sale?  Winter clearance!

stuff 007
Some faux fur on the cuffs and a "J" appliqué  and it was done.  It took me longer to figure out what I wanted to do with it, then the actual project.  I should have bought an additional one, as I KNOW my mother will want one.  Honestly, I thought I was bringing this back to the store....
Now I just need a good book, a cup of tea, a quiet house?, and my robe.... Sounds like a wonderful evening, or morning and into the afternoon. 
I will just keep dreaming-a girl can dream, right?

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Button...Finally!

Yes, it's true!  In the world of blogging, IMO, it's important to have a button.  You also need a fancy degree in HTML coding!
But with the help of this WONDERFUL blogger, I was able to succeed in creating a button for my blog.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Well, I finally did it!  Now my blog has a button for you to grab. 
Purple Just Jo.jpg
She's new, bright, and glittery! Love that!  Check my sidebar for her coding.  If you have any trouble "grabbing" her on your blog/website, please contact me.

Warning: Installing Just Jo Button is at your discretion.  Blog posts updates are inspiring  and motivating.  One might find themselves in the kitchen baking or sewing the latest project afterwards.    LOL!  ;)

Happy Blogging,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Name Pillows!

I am back into the swing of things, as far as my sewing/embroidering things!  I just LOVE spending time in my sewing room and creating.  In a perfect world, I would spend most of my life in there..... :)  I hosted Easter this Sunday and my focus and energy was on having the perfect holiday dinner!  Yum.
As Easter was approaching, I was trying to fiqure out what I could fill my nephew and niece's Easter baskets with.  Hmmmmmmm, my sister(and myself) are not into filling them with sweet, sugary treats.   Then the dilemma broadens, because next in line would be toys.  Sigh.. Sigh... They have SO many toys and I wanted something unique.  Well, I put on my sewing cap, gladly and without hesitation, and this is what happened.
Jo's Sewing 009
I thought kids=dirt so I made the pillow form  removable so the pillow case can be removed for easy laundering.
Jo's Sewing 012
For Michael, as you may have seen in a previous blog post, has his room decorated in blue camo.  I made him a matching name pillow with his initals.  My thought was it looked "stronger" with a camo-theme then placing his name. 
Jo's Sewing 023
Kids=dirt theory and this is the back of the pillowcase!
Jo's Sewing 026
The applique font I used is called "Aiden font" from

It comes with a frilly, girly-girl version(love that) and a satin-stich version.  It is like getting 2 for 1!  Great deal and great font!

Upon the completion of these 2 pillows, I have received 2 custom orders... My 2 daughters have vocalized that they both "need" one for their bedrooms!  I'm thinking this might be a great project for us to work on during summer break.  Yes, it is rolling in fast... Too fast!

I just might "need" a pillow to rest my weary head at the thought of summer break......Zzzzzzzzz, sigh, Zzzzzzzzzz, sigh.
I'm sure you Moms understand.

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