Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baking Bread and Eating it, too!

It has been quite chilly here in Arizona.  I guess because we had such a hot, long summer, someone is trying to put us in the holiday mood.  I know this kind of weather puts me in a baking mood- my family thanks me for it.
I tried this recipe I have been wanting to try-waiting for a cold day so I could put the oven on and have the house smell delightful!
After the dough rose, I braided it and then it must rise for another hour.  Isn’t she pretty?
After the dough rose for another hour, I put an egg wash on the dough and placed some sesame seeds on the 2 loaves!  Oh, so shiny!
After baking for only 20 minutes, the final product!
This was a real lot of fun and SO rewarding after all the rises and baking.  There is nothing like the smell and taste of fresh, homemade bread.  Your family will LOVE you for it!  Score-now maybe I can entice my daughters to clean their rooms.  Clean room=homemade, sesame-seeded bread. I don't know smile
Everyone wins!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Inspiration comes when you least expect it!

If you have a craft of any kind, I think you will agree.  Inspiration sometimes creeps upon you when you least expect it.  If you sew, you see this in any kind of fabric.  Not just bolts from the fabric store.  This is exactly what happened to me…..

I was just grocery shopping at my local Fry’s(Kroger) and they also have a home goods section.  I always puruse through there to see the new items and the lovely displays of plates and linens.  They have a shelf within there, that has their clearanced items.   I took a peek at the unwanted items and saw LOTS of blue/white placemats, trivets, and oven gloves.  I thought to myself “how boring” blue/white stripes.  I did pass it up and strolled along to the cereal aisle.   The blue/white linens, I swear, called me back!  I took a second peek and noticed the price on these linens were 25 cents to 50 cents!!  Really.  Well, I knew I had to make something with these linens.  It was a challenge and I was definitely up to it!  I grabbed a bunch and ran home, almost forgetting about unpacking my groceries.  (I did unpack them, unwillingly, SO boring)

Here is what happened in my sewing room!




The blue/white straps on the apron and the apron pocket were cut from a placemat.  I attached the contrasting fabric to the oven mitt, placing insul-bright inside the fabric I added, so it will be well insulated.

I really like this pattern for an apron.  It is lined in the back with solid navy-blue cotton fabric.  It is a well constructed apron pattern IMO.  I think that is what I love about sewing aprons-you can make a better quality apron than you can purchase.  You can also add a little embroidery embellishment like I did on the apron pocket.  I added some coordinating fabric buttons on the neck straps, too.  Love that Open-mouthed smile

The pattern is


I made this apron for a friend of my Mom’s and I befriended her as well!!  She loves to cook, is an artist, and has the most generous heart.  My Mom was visiting her today and will be giving this to her.  I hope she likes it!!

I am sure this will inspire some serious baking and cooking for her.  And….for me, too, with the exception of having a cute apron set to bake with!  The constant dilemma of loving to bake and also to sew…I don't know smile



Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmasy Pillow

Wow!  It is that time of year again.  I cannot believe it, can you?  We put up our Christmas tree, decorated the stair rail with lighted garland, decorated the kitchen pot shelves with more lighted garland, put the two little Christmas trees in the family room, etc.  Sound familiar?

When I saw this tutorial, I knew I had to squeeze in a little sewing time.  I did and completed my Christmas pillow!

100_0596 (800x600)

I love the fact that it requires little pieces of fabric, great use for scraps from previous projects !  Plus I am practicing a bit of quilting, perfect for my upcoming project. 

Now to writing those Christmas cards….Eye rolling smile


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