Saturday, November 13, 2010

There’s no place like home!

As promised, here are some pictures of Sierra in her Dorothy costume!  She really LOVED this costume and IMHO, it definitely is one of the best costumes she has ever had.  My mindset was how many more Halloweens will she want to wear a costume?  I really wanted her costume to be special and reflect her personality as well.

I only wish I had a picture of her when she first put on the dress after I did her hair and makeup.  I think she felt transformed and fell into her character as well.  Mothers never forget certain memories….  Her amazed face is definitely one of many I will always remember.

Jo's Pictures 037

Jo's Pictures 039

Jo's Pictures 048

Jo's Pictures 049

Jo's Pictures 056

There’s no place like home…..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Housekeeping…well, sort of!

They say, it’s all in the name.  The name of this post per say.  I guess you think I am knee deep in dusting, laundry, “putting things away”Sad smile(does this stuff just morph when I am not looking) That could be another post or possibly even a book in my household!

No, just easy-peasy, no-brainer, needs to get done kind of sewing!  Nothing really special but I wanted to just blog and let you know I am still around.  Even though I may consider this not really sewing, those little jobs pack a real big punch in a room.   You pass by and think how special or decorated things look just because you added a little something.

Just doing some “housekeeping” and thought I would share.  Are you inspired to sew those pillows you have been wanting to do?  You know who you are Winking smile

For my sewing room, I bought some plain brown baskets and added some fun, sew-appropriate fabric to the basket.  I found some buttons in my stash to add some dimension.


Sewing Baskets

I found these brown microfiber towels and I prayed I had enough leftover scraps from my kitchen/family room makeover to add to them.  I thought matching fabric and our last name initial would jazz them up.  Note: anyone who enters my kitchen, please do not use them.  They are just for looking.  Hey, it is MY kitchen Winking smile

Kitchen Towels 006
These are for my Mom’s kitchen to match her décor.  Yes, my maiden name initial was an “S”!  I am one lucky gal  because I did not have to change the monogrammed luggage from my single days…. If you knew my married last name, we would be having a totally different conversation!  It is all in the name.  He is a wonderful guy!

Kitchen Towels 009
For my nephew, Michael, I made a hamper cover to match his room décor.   Remember this:

Not only functional but coordinating as well!

Michael's Hamper Cover
Lastly, my family room pillows.  I sewed the smaller ones and just added some ball fringe to the larger ones. 

Family Room Pillows 007
Family Room Pillows 005
New items added to your décor always adds a bit of fun.  I am tossed between a new apron pattern and a new dress pattern I want to sew up for my next project.  The holidays are approaching and the real housekeeping is never-ending.  So is the creativity.


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