Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fabric Flower Pictures

Part of cleaning out closets leads to more projects sometimes.  One step forward, two steps back.   But I repurposed, decorated, and had fun in the process.  Also this project cost me $0.  Yes, it’s true.  I found 2 old pictures placed in the Goodwill pile when it struck me.  “Those are nice, square frames”.  “ What can I do with them”.  Days before, I was practicing with my new sewing ruffler with some scraps of pink fabric I had.  I saved them because they were SO pretty.  I know it’s a sickness…. LOVE girly things including ruffles.

I grabbed some matching leftover fabric from another project in my daughter’s room.   This would be perfect since she has pink/black color combination in her room.   I pulled apart the picture, frame, and glass.   I placed the striped fabric on the backing and started hot-gluing away the ruffled fabric in a circle.   I had to make more ruffled-pink fabric(good thing I had just enough for 2 flowers) and added a button.

Can you say 30-minute decorating?  Move over Rachael Ray….



I just LOVE the 3-D effect.  I just love my ruffler-it is SO easy and I was so scared of that ugly-looking accessory.  Who knew…….Rolling on the floor laughing



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Anonymous said...

I love ruffles too & this is so pretty!


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