Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Horses Everywhere!

Strange name for a blog post is what you are probably thinking!  My family and I had the wonderful opportunity recently to visit a stable with lots of horses.   Considering we live in a residential area, this by far, was a huge treat for us.  My daughters just LOVED it.  My Mom and Dad have befriended a wonderful couple who completely love horses.  They live in a more rural area in a town called “Rio Verde”.  It is adjacent to Scottsdale, Arizona, if you are familiar with this area. 
Jo as I will call her(yes, she has an awesome name) and a loving, warm personality to boot!  Jo educated us on all things horse.  I didn’t quite understand the “horse lovers” club as I did not grow up around horses.  I did not have friends who had horses.  You see, I am completely horse-illiterate! 
Jo took us to the stables and there were lots of horses.  She told us stories about each one and I quickly could feel their unique personalities.  I was intimidated by their large, muscular bodies.  We brought lots of carrots to feed them and slowly I warmed up.  I am amazed at how beautiful they really are.  Their demeanor is very docile.  My daughters had NO fear and feed them carrots immediately.   I became in awe of these horses!  They truly are awesome.
I decided to make Jo an apron and matching oven mitt, horse-themed, of course!
The pattern is by Simplicity #2682, View C.  I purchased this fabric from Walmart!  The oven mitt is one of my favorite go-to patterns which is from this website
My daughter, Sierra, modeling Jo’s apron!
I couldn’t have a blog post about horses and not share with you some of our pictures.
This horse’s name is Sabana.  Don’t you just love that name and she surely is beautiful.  I adore her color.
Fun was had by all!  Even the horses enjoyed our company(or maybe it was the carrots"?)  My family and I learned a lot that day.  I cannot wait to visit my new friends again.
Now Jo can never be too far from her horses, even when she is in the kitchen with her new apron and mitt!

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