Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fun Journals

Quick and Easy, Fast and fun, scrap-busting, and sewing tease all-in-one!  These are all great descriptive terms for this project!  With the holidays fast-approaching(really?!?)this is a great little stocking-stuffer or just because gift!

I made these 2 fabric-covered journals for my oldest daughter, who is currently away at collegeI don't know smile.  I wanted to make something for her and her roommate.  This fit the criteria for the moment.  What college student doesn’t need a journal to keep lists, keep track of homework assignments, and secretly-encrypted on the pages “Call Mom & Dad”?

How fun to personalize these journals to one’s personality and themes!




I searched the web for some great tutorials on these and there are a bunch!  I choose this one because it is removable and a new composition book can be inserted when all the pages have been used and in the event of that a Starbuck’s Grande Latte is spilled on it!


Yep, a black/white composition book and some scrap fabrics is basically all you need.  So, go ahead and make one or two(or three). 

You know you want one….

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