Monday, October 18, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I wanted to wait until Halloween to blog about this project.  Sierra would be fully dressed in costume from head-to-toe.  I have all the props just waiting for October 31st. But as I always say "Life happens"  I finished this costume on Friday and I am SO excited for Halloween this year.  Secretly, I always wanted to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  I just LOVE everything about the movie, the story, the singing and dancing, and the simplicity of it all is amazing.  We have the Wizard of Oz on DVD, thanks to my Mom, who purchased it for Sierra last Christmas (the DVD came out to celebrate 70 years!) WOW!
In some parts of town this morning it is raining.  Over our backyard, it is cloudy and overcast.  As our school morning routine was happening, my DD, Sierra, said "Mommy, I wonder if there is a rainbow somewhere because it is rainy."  Hmmmm, I ran out in the backyard, PJ's and all, and she was right.  I screamed for her, grabbed the camera, and the newly-sewn Dorothy costume.  This truly was a Kodak moment!
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 001
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 006
As you can tell, I am truly amazed at this natural wonder!  How often do you see a rainbow and coincidentally theme-appropriate?
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 030
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 032
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 035
But, of course, those famous red-ruby slippers....
Dorothy Wizard of Oz 2010 033
I have been planning this costume since the summer.  I purchased the pattern, fabrics, and notions, as I saw the perfect items!   I needed 4 yards of the blue gingham.  This pattern entailed 14 pattern pieces and a zipper ;(-and honestly, I was a little nervous.  As I was sewing this all together, I was highly impressed how authentic it was to Judy Garland's dress.  I had the Wizard of Oz on TV while I was sewing this together, ensuring that this dress was "real",  I kept telling my Mom-this dress is scary, it looks SO real-I think Judy Garland is going to show up in my sewing room...LOL!  
Maybe in my own backyard....?!?!  Coincidence or an applaud from up above for a costume SO loved....
I promise to blog right after Halloween with Sierra in character for all to see!  This costume was SEW fun for me to create.
I could not have asked for more ;)


Cole's Corner said...

How fun!!! I've always wanted to be Dorothy, too. Your costume is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture with the rainbow! The dress is very pretty...I still need to sew my girls costumes!!

Kimberlee said...

I just love your first picture. How perfect?!?!?

PS - I love your new blog theme.


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