Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sierra's Birthday Cake

I cannot believe tommorow will be Sierra's 12th birthday!  When did that happen? :(

We celebrated her birthday with a pool party this past weekend.  She requested that I make her birthday cake-the giant cupcake cake!  So fun!

I have decorated many cakes since I have taken a Wilton cake decorating course.  This class was not only fun, but it sure has come in handy.  My family does not like store-bought bakery cakes.  I have decorated many cakes and have LOTS of pans and a whole box of decorating supplies!

This particuliar mold is SO easy, even if you have NEVER decorated a cake before.  Kudos to Wilton....  It is fast, easy, and the decorations are endless on this one.  Really!!

If you have a frosting bag and a star tip you are good to go!

Sierra's 12th Birthday 033

This is one giant cupcake!  I decorated the bottom portion of the cake (chocolate)with a "32" Wilton star tip and the top with my fav "1M" tip!  It decorates SO fast and it has that WOW factor like you spent hours decorating(but you didn't) ;)

Sierra's 12th Birthday 031

Sierra also wanted some baby cupcakes to compliment her giant cupcake! 

Here is the Wilton mold that I used to bake the giant cupcake!


I purchased mine at Target and I am sure other stores have this great mold, too!

So sweet, cute, and delicate-looking!  Okay, so is the cake! 

Happy 12th birthday Sierra!

Sierra's 12th Birthday 037


Cole's Corner said...

I have always wanted to take one of those courses.
That cake looks fabulous and delicious!

zerry ht said...

Sierra's Birthday Cake looks incredible. She is also looking so adorable on her 12th birthday. Well dear I have been looking for some interesting ideas for my daughter’s sweet 16th birthday party. I want to make it very enjoyable. How is the idea of a disco party at the local event Venues in San Francisco?


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