Monday, March 8, 2010

Cute Camo Comforter!

As you know, I have 2 DD's and sewing boy things can be challenging for me.  No ruffles, bows, pink, or glitter.  Sigh.... But honestly, this is cute and adorable fabric for a boy's room.  My nephew, Michael, is the lucky owner of this comforter ensemble and perfectly matched paint to boot! 
I promised to blog about this project and I thought actually seeing the comforter in Michael's room would truly show off the wonderful colors!  This is a micro fleece blanket that I "quilted" this fun camo fabric to!  But of course, a matching sham and how could I resist making matching PJ pants? 
Cute, camo, comforter-complete... 
Michael's Bed Ensemble

Michael's Bed Ensemble3

Michael's Bed Ensemble7

Michael's Camo Sham

Off to some spring sewing-thinking of warmer weather.....

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Cole's Corner said...

Cute room, cute boy, cute pants!

Tricia said...

We love the comforter, sham and pjs. The room looks GREAT!!!!


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