Friday, February 4, 2011

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe-Really!

I am sure most of us have been spending more time indoors lately due to the cold(yes, cold in AZ) or snow!  Lots of snow from what I have seen in most states on TV-especially the Northeast! 

It has been unusually cold here in AZ.  We have been waking up to below freezing temps in the 20’s!  The high the other day was in the low 40’s.  This is SO not fun for me!  Although I have found ways to make it fun by sewing and baking!  I wanted to share with you this AMAZING chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I read through the recipe and found it well, “different”.  Melt the butter completely for a cookie recipe… Hmmmm.  I think this is why I filed it away in my recipe book a few months ago.  After baking these cookies, I kick myself for not baking these sooner, like the day after the recipe was posted. Eye rolling smile

Look at these yummy, soft, amazing cookies.  Trust me-your inner child will be calling you after one bite of these cookies.  Straight to the fridge for a glass of cold milk.

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Go ahead-Bake and stay warm!  Then…. Indulge!

Here is the recipe!

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