Thursday, February 3, 2011

My New Putting-on-makeup Chair

This is definitely one of those projects I have been SO wanting to do but  procrastinating about it because I could not find the “perfect” chair or fabric.  Not my fault Winking smile  I also knew that this was probably going to be a hair-pulling project as it requires much precision and LOTS of luck!  Hmmm….

I have searched for years for the perfect Parsons chair.  They were always too bulky, fabric that did not match my décor or way too pricey.  I can sew one myself-so naïve, I am….

This is my old, cannot wait to get-rid-of, ugly but served it’s purpose, kind of, chair.   Pure ugliness.   Get my point?

Ugly Chair

When I finally gave up my years of searching for a Parsons chair, I needed to find the “perfect” chair form.  It did not have to be pretty but clean and the lines and size I needed.  I did purchase a pattern to make a Parsons chair cover and I followed the guidelines the pattern suggested.  Ok. Easy. Right?

Here is the chair I found that fit the criteria.


Ugly, southwestern chair.  The chair was the perfect size, nice comfy cushion, and just needed a piece of wood across the top so my fabric would not droop.  My husband, Mr. JJ, graciously helped me with that.  It is the piece that is on top that is a different color than the rest of the chair.   The chair will be draped with beige paisley home décor fabric, I promise! 

Work in progress!

Parsons Chair 004

Parsons Chair 005

Let’s just say the so-called pattern did not fit.  It was way too small, so I had to create my own pattern for 3 of the 5 pieces it called for.  It honestly would have been a piece of cake to construct had the pattern and the chair fit.  Seriously, I reached a point where I was this close,Sad smile really, to throwing away the half sewn pattern pieces and chair out the window or door.  Is that the garbage truck I hear?

Ready for the reveal!  Here she is!

Parsons Chair 021

Isn’t she pretty?  What chair can do without a pillow?  I figured since I went this far(2 1/2 days worth) why not make a matching and monogrammed pillow?  Just in case someone in my household is not sure who  the chair owner is….  Mine.

Parsons Chair 017

Different Views!

Parsons Chair 011

Parsons Chair 014

Parsons Chair 015

When I finally completed this chair, I asked Mr. JJ if he could bring it upstairs.  We were watching TV that night as I was hand-sewing those Large side buttons on.  He grunted slightly but I had told him I have been waiting years for this chair….

I am SO pleased at how this turned out.  Yes, there are a few sins but I was able to tackle them in the best way I could.  I LOVE how it “dresses” up the Master Bathroom.  Such a pretty chair to put my makeup on or get ready for the day!  I shall confess.  You know the old vanity chair I hated and couldn’t wait to throw out?  It still resides in my closet.

My new chair IS too pretty to sit on or possibly get makeup on.  I’m hopeless.


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Cole's Corner said...

It looks GREAT! I'm sorry it gave you so much grief, though.... I'm working on a project like that right now. Doesn't it make you just want to pull all your hair out?
... or eat cookies?


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