Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Apron for Mommy!

I call my mother, at times, Mommy!  I know...a long story that I won't bore you with it!  

I purchased this RTW apron and when my mother saw it, she fell in LOVE instantly.  I knew then exactly what had to be done.  Monogram the apron and sew-up a oven mitt.  How fun would that be?  Too much fun.....

I purchased this apron at Fry's(Kroger), purchased the aqua fabric at Joann's and polka-dot fabric was in my stash.  Who does not have polka-dot fabric in their stash?  ( I have about 10-12 yards) of the black/white fabric in my stash.  Sad, but true!

Mom's Polka Dot Apron1-page1


Mom's Polka Dot Apron2-page1


Mom's Polka Dot Apron3-page1

I followed this tutorial for the oven mitt.  Sew much fun and easy.  Imagine all the fun combos you can sew up!


I also wanted to mention I have a bunch of projects I would love to share with you. More projects ahead!  Summer vacation plus new camera= NO BLOGGING for me... One of them is the cutest ever lunch tote I made my oldest DD!  She picked out the fabrics, too.  The sweetest part, is that school started up last week and she LOVES her new lunch tote. 

I LOVE school. I LOVE school. I HEART school... ;0


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Cole's Corner said...

That apron is sooooo cute. I LOVE the little mitt, too. :)


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