Monday, August 23, 2010

Foldable Big Grocery Bag!

IMO, this is a great concept for a grocery bag!  With more stores these days, being "green" bringing your own grocery bags is a smart idea!  I really like this pattern because it folds compactly, plus when you open it up, it is a generous 24" x 15".  There is also a smaller pattern that is more petite if you feel this is TOO large.  It is 20" x 12". 

The pattern I used is Butterick 5507, View B.

Visit the website for more info.


Butterick 6607

The fabric I used, I'm guessing from the colors, is from the late 1980's or early 90's.  I cannot say I am totally in LOVE with it, but it is an outdoor home dec fabric and it is VERY durable.  I have about 10 yards or so of it.  Someone generously gave it to me, because they know I love fabric!  For grocery bags, this is a great quality fabric and it is machine-washable, too!

Miscellanous 8.10.10 034


Miscellanous 8.10.10 039

I definitely LOVE how small and compact these are.  I am thinking this could also be a great item to pack in a suitcase.

Maybe? for the next ones I make I will see if I can find mauve or teal fabric for the bias binding --Yeah, I know, 1992 is calling...

Grab your coupons, be "green", and using a fun fabric on these bags makes you a fashionista shopper for sure....


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