Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time for Lunch!

As promised, here is a lunch tote that I made my DD, Lauren, for school.   I am sure you can understand being a Junior in HS is hard work as well as having a cool-looking lunch bag.  Lauren picked out the fabrics to sort of match her new backpack! 

I created the pattern to meet her expectations and size!  I would say it meets my expectations!  The black/white polka dot is home dec outdoor fabric as is the zebra fabric.  The inside lining is black faux leather(vinyl) so it can be easily cleaned everyday.   I figure if the outdoor fabric can withstand the Arizona sun, it can withstand my DD! 

Lunch Tote Lauren1-page1 

A back view to show the belt loops which make it fun and functional to hold the belt/scarf.

Lunch Tote Lauren2-page1


I sewed some of the black faux leather to the tops of the handles also for a little punch but also to keep the handles cleaner!  But I really like the look it gives it....

Lunch Tote Lauren3-page1


I'm sure all the inquiring minds want to know.... Does Lauren like her new lunch tote?  Is it what she had in mind? (If anyone can for sure read a teenager's mind, please email me with your know-how.)

Yes, she LOVES it!  Whewwwwwwwwwwwww......

Lunch Tote Lauren 6-page1


"Thanks, Mom"  You are so cool and awesome!!  (ok, so I made up the last sentence)  As I wipe the sweat from my brow......

Lunch Tote Lauren 5-page1


Here is my other DD, with her new lunch tote!  I made this lunch tote in February for the new school year!  It collected some dust waiting for school to start, but it is just as much loved!  This one is larger but just as cute!

Lunch Tote Sierra-page1

Enjoy!  Make a new lunch tote.   Now, only if they actually eat all those healthy items I packed for them ;)

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Cole's Corner said...

I LOVE it!!! Cute, cute, cute.


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