Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bottomed-out Pillow

Occasionally, you think too much as to what you are crafting-and WHY?  This is one of those projects that I wonder with all the projects I have sewn it has come to this….

My youngest DD hurt her tailbone in gym class and as anybody knows who has had this kind of injury it could take months before it heals 100%.  At school the desk chairs are a hard metal only adding to her discomfort, so yes, the “bottom” pillow is born.

Sierra Pillow 001

Sierra picked out the fabric and I picked out the “S” applique!  I guess even a “bottom” pillow has to be fashionable and cute for my 12-year-old……..

Just when I thought I have sewn everything, my DD taught me differently.  Sierra definitely keeps me on my toes and keeps me open-minded ;0

Lesson learned.

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