Friday, January 21, 2011

Yeah, Baby!

This is an order I received from a customer.  Her cousin just had a baby girl and wanted something special for her.   Also, a friend of hers had a baby boy and she wanted to give him something out of the ordinary. 

That’s where I step in.  Gladly. Smile

This blanket was purchased from Babys-R-Us.  I think this is about the cutest boy blanket.  Really.  I am a girly-girl, but I LOVE this.   The theme of the bedroom is reds and different shades of blue.

A little magic from my embroidery machine and we have a very personalized baby blanket.  Love it…. So special!

Jo 134

Jo 135

I have this strong attraction for anything brown and pink.  I asked my customer if she knew if the baby girl had a color theme in her bedroom.  Pink and brown I was told.   I think I heard violins. 

Blanket and matching burp cloths, IMO, are such a unique baby gift.….. LOVE this combo.  In fact, this was really difficult to part with… I am sure you will agree.

Deep, rich chocolate brown blanket.  Heart.  Heart.

Jo 154

Jo 151

Look at those ruffles. Awwwwwww.

Jo 152

Jo 156

What special gifts!  I had SEW much fun and I was paid for my services.

Ohhhhh, I have fabric money. Heart. Heart.

It’s a great way to start the weekend……


Cole's Corner said...

Cute stuff! I love making and looking at baby things.

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous & cute at the same time! love it! I have not yet mastered my embroidery machine to your level! As a thanks for following my blog I am having a Fashion Friday give away (for current followers & new folowers) in a couple of weeks & wait for it....the scissor necklace is the prize!


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