Friday, January 14, 2011

Mmmmmmmm, Cheesecake

I hope this blog post finds you all enjoying the first few weeks of the New Year!  Here in Arizona, we have had quite the cold spell Christmas week up to a few days ago!  Flannel, fleece, and the warmth of sweet things baking!  The best part of winter, IMO, is the baking season. 

My husband graciously asked me to bake a cake for his boss-for her birthday.  She likes cheesecake-hmmmmm, a woman with great taste!  I ran fast for my recipe binder and found my go-to recipe for yummy cheesecake!  While it was baking my daughter came home from school and said “Mommy, what are you baking?  It smells awesome”.   Ahhhhh,  cheesecake for Daddy’s boss!  “Really, Mommy, Really”

Yes, we could not cut into this creamy, almond-flavored confection. ;(  I add Amaretto to the batter!  My husband just LOVES my cheesecake and I have not baked one in quite some time…. This might be my opportunity(while he has the cheesecake swirling around in his mouth) to persuade him into something I have had my eye on.  Trust me-he’s easy when it comes to food!

January Pictures 011

I decorated this with cream-cheese frosting as well and drizzled some melted chocolate on it.  What woman doesn’t like chocolate?  

Yum. Yum.  


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Cole's Corner said...

Oh my... Jo!!!!
That looks sooooo good!
I want some!


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