Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fabric Fanatic…That’s me!

I have had pictures on my camera that have needed to be downloaded for a while.  Let’s just say-since this past June!  In my defense(yes, I have to defend myself) on our vacation to Hawaii, we took 2 cameras with us.  We downloaded the pictures from one camera and “forgot” about the other camera…. 

Today I got the bug to download our pictures from it.  It was a surprise to see these pictures and relive those moments.  Maybe it was a good thing that I procrastinated downloading those pictures.  Yes, I am going to go with that!

My family and I took a Hawaiian cruise in June.  Ahhhhh, it is SO SO beautiful there.  I just can’t say enough about Hawaii.  One of the ports we visted was Kahului, Maui.  We walked to the beach as it was not a far walk and a good way to sightsee along the way.  Well, look what I found!  Yes, a fabric store!  OMG! OMG!  My poor family had to put up with my major obsession with fabric, even on our vacay!

But, but…… this is fabric from Hawaii.  Thank goodness the airlines have weight limitations is all my husband could think… On the other hand, as happy as I was to find this jewel, I only purchased about 15 yards of fabric, mostly tropical themed.  I knew there would not be too much room in my suitcase to buy MORE.  SighCrying face

Aside from me being in my beach coverup, overlook that and look at all those gorgeous colors.  I am not the souvenir type-fabric from other places IS my souvenir.  More to come on that…..

I miss the beach, cruising, tropical breezes, but if only I could have a fabric shop like that here at home… Hey, it’s JUST a plane trip awayBroken heartSick smile

Hawaii June  2011 (51) (640x480)-tile


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