Friday, October 28, 2011

Have you ever been boo-ed?

Well, I have and this Halloween I vowed to “boo” someone!  I hope they keep the boo-ing going.  If you have never been boo-ed or have never heard of this concept, click over to this website and it explains how to “boo”

It is a lot of fun and gets the neighborhood in a festive mood.  I purchased 2 pumpkin baskets, candles, fun post-it-notes, Martinelli’s Apple-Cranberry Cider, pumpkin spice bread, and I made these towels to add to the basket!


These were Halloween towels from Kohl’s I purchased after-season-Score!

I added the topper so it hangs on your oven door!  I followed this tutorial and it was a real beginner project and the options are endless.

I only wish I had taken pictures of the baskets with all its fun Halloween stuff. Crying face 

I decided to have my husband take the 2 baskets and secretly “boo” 2 of his co-workers.  There is an office version “boo-ing” poem on the above website. 

Have fun and “boo” someone!  Happy Halloween!

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