Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dad’s Artist Apron & Fitted Tablecloth!

Hi!  My Dad, in his retirement years, has a love of painting!  He has taken some classes at the community college and has amazed us with his paintings!  He purchased a folding table to place his easel on while he paints and asked if I could make a fitted tablecloth!   I did and this is what I came up with!
I thought, Hmmmm, where else would this be useful…. A coffee table that little ones can’t scratch and even a outside patio table-so when the wind blows it stays put!!
Here are some basic instructions:
1.  Place your table upside down on TOP of your fabric.  If the width of table is larger than your fabric, you could seam it first.  I then took a marking pencil(in blue) and followed the shape of the table  3” larger than the actual table.
Fitted TableCloth 012
Fitted TableCloth 015
Fitted TableCloth 018 To make rounded corners I just traced a cup at the top edge, so that all 4 sides would be uniform!
2.  Cut the fabric with the 3” allowance following rounded corners, if any!  I made my own bias binding.  You can use purchased binding, if you like!  I like making my own binding, as it can match or compliment my tablecloth.
Fitted TableCloth 001
3.  Cut the fabric, on the bias and seam together all the pieces(Make sure you have enough to cover the perimeter of your table)  I cut the bias tape 2” wide.
Fitted TableCloth 007
4.  Iron in half, and then iron each side in to meet the center crease line.  Your iron is definitely your friend!
Fitted TableCloth 011
5.  You can then pin your binding around the perimeter of your tablecloth.  Sew binding to tablecloth to form casing all the way around!  Leave about 1” opening when you meet your starting place.  Insert string of your choice, with a safety pin attached to your string.  When you reach your starting position, pull string completely through ensuring you have enough to tie with.   You can then sew this opening closed, ensuring not to sew your string!!!  Fray check here would come in handy!!   Place tablecloth on your table matching corners and then pull tightly your strings fitting to your table.  Tie and enjoy!!!
Fitted TableCloth 021
Fitted TableCloth 020
Dad’s Matching Apron!

Move over Picasso and da Vinci, here comes Vito!!!


casserole said...

I bet your dad loves his art apron and table cover!! I bet he loves even more that you made it for him.

I featured your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Just Jo said...

Thank you SEW much for your kind words and for posting my tutorial on craftgossip. I'm flattered ;)


La Tempête said...

Oh it looks just great!

French Tablecloths said...

The stripe inspirations are very beautiful and I love the blue ball tipped lace to make a sweet ending edge to the beautiful tablecloth


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