Friday, January 22, 2010

Did someone say “Pound Cake?”

It’s one of those words that make me salivate for a piece along with a nice, hot cup of tea!  If you have been watching the news, Arizona, is having weather.  Winter weather that is….. LOTS of snow in Northern Arizona and LOTS of rain in the desert!  Perfect for baking a delicious pound cake to warm up the kitchen and warm up my family! 

I LOVE this pound cake recipe.  I have tried several and this by far, is my fav.  I love that it calls for a Bundt pan instead of the traditional loaf pan(although that is nice, too)  It looks SO fancy, yet it is SO easy to make!   I cannot take full credit for it, but I did decide to bake it, mixed the ingredients, turned on the oven, and baked this delicious mixture of butter, flour, eggs, etc.    I sprinkled powdered sugar on it, instead of using the frosting suggested.   So, I think I should get SOME credit for it ;) 

Okay, I will share my source for the recipe.  It is a recipe from Paula Deen, need I say more?!?!  Well, for sure you will need BUTTER for this recipe….

P.S.-They don’t call this “Pound Cake” because they ran out of names for a cake….
Jo's Baking Jo's Baking 005

Happy Baking,


Tricia said...

Sounds great! Going to give it a try. We like the powdered sugar instaed of heavy frosting.

Alanna said...

Just came across your blog tonight quite by accident. I really enjoyed reading it. Can only imagine your family wondering what you are going to bake
You had me dreaming of the things I use to bake but not allowed anymore. My kids haven't forgot the things I created when they were growing up. Great memories. WTG


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