Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Save The Earth Bag

A New Year calls for some new grocery bags!  I was out fabric shopping the other day and purchased several of these fabric panels.  Fun and bright bags to tote my groceries.  Fashionable AND “green.”  It’s a good day!

This bag took me about an hour to sew together and the sense that I am doing a good thing for our planet-priceless!   Remember way back to your childhood and you had a special coloring book that had tracing paper in between each page?  That is how I feel about these fabric panels.  I feel as if I am cheating.   I can just cut the bag and handles.  All the brains for this project was actually done for me.  Scissors and just cut ALONG the lines!  I think I will be going to the fabric store to see if they have more of these panels left…  If not, I will improvise!   I LOVE panels... I do!!  

 I actually lined the inside of this grocery bag with some beige denim I had in my stash to make it even sturdier!  I prewashed the fabrics as well-I wash my grocery bags and I do not want it to shrink the next time I do!

Now, to remember them EACH and every time I shop…. I do because I hate coming home with 30 plastic bags rolling around in the back of my car…
Save The Earth Bags 001

Save The Earth Bags 003

As my blog continues, you will probably see several different grocery bags!  I have different patterns(some I have to measure ;)) so keep coming back….

Now I have a bag to put all my fabrics in when I go fabric shopping! ;)  Hmmmmmmmmmmm,


Cole's Corner said...

Super cute! I love that it's pink!
What fabric store did you get them at?

Just Jo said...

I got it at a store here called "Home Fabrics". It has discontinued fabrics from home decor to apparel. It is made by "Cranston Village" and I know Joann's and Walmart purchase from.
If you want the code, let me know.


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