Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Elastic Waistband Skirt

My DD saw my flowery skirt and wanted one!  These are SO easy!  I made this one more flowy and twirly for my "tween".  She LOVES the denim fabric, of course!
Sierra's Denim Skirt 005
I added the heart embroidery-it has a lace-look to it and I thought it would add a little spunk to the overall denim skirt-plus my embroidery machine has been feeling neglected! ;)

Sierra's Denim Skirt 003
This heart design is from here:
You might have to sign in as a member to download this free design-well worth looking at the other free designs, too!
My oldest DD wants a new skirt, so I am off to my stash of fabric and my sewing room....

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Cole's Corner said...

I just saw this on sewforum. Cute, cute, cute.


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