Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Memory Dress

Every season when the pattern companies release their new patterns, I am always SO excited.  I love the new designs and styles they have come up with.  Recently, McCall's released some new patterns and when I received the email, I knew I had to have this one specific pattern.
The reason is seeing this particular style dress reminded me of a time and a place.  I was 16 years old and was asked to go to my first prom.  I had never been to a prom before and only just read about it in Teen magazine.  I loved seeing all the new prom dresses and smiling teenagers.
The dress I picked out was a white-satiny fabric with small lavender and purple flowers on it.  The hem on the bottom was just like this one-I believe they call it a "handkerchief" bottom!  I just LOVED, LOVED that dress.
This is the pattern!  McCall's #6113
I sewed up the shorter version for a more casual look, but my prom dress was the longer version!  This version was an easy sew for me.  I plan on sewing another one, but using a smaller skirt bottom, as I think it is a little too flowy to me.  I would prefer it looked more like the picture!  Anyway, I still LOVE the one I sewed-and for me!!!
Jo's Dress 003
Jo's Dress 008
Jo's Dress 021
The fabric is from Walmart!  It is a rayon fabric which lies so perfectly.  It has such a breezy, flowy effect!  I wore a black tank top under the dress, but it could be worn without it!  I want to try the next one with a knit fabric.
Loving that hem for sure.  I can remember dancing at the Cococabana in NYC wearing my prom dress and dancing to Michael Jackson!  Awesome! I feel 16 once again....
Okay, would it be wrong to wear this dress everyday?


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