Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Animal Print Tank Top Makeover Tutorial

It’s official.  Summer Break is here. Now.  I know…..  We have cleaned out our closets to make room for the summer clothes we will be shopping for!  Aaaaaaaah, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Love shopping.  In cleaning out our closets, this shirt was tossed in the donate pile.  I yanked it out SO fast as I just love animal prints.  It would make a great tank top-matches our current weather!


I cut the top just under the sleeves!  Of course, saving the cut pieces of sleeves.


I hemmed the top part that I cut.  I love the fact that the bottom is already hemmed.  Great quickie makeover!


The cut sleeves now become your straps!  This is definitely to your liking.  I like a thicker strap so it covers those pesky bra straps.  Yep, one of my pet peeves…. I measured how long I needed my straps to be.  I put on the shirt/tank part and measure from the top of the tank, over my shoulder, and reaching the top part of the back of the tank.  Easy peasy….  I came up with 16 inches and cut my fabric strips at 18 inches giving me seams allowances and sewing it to the tank itself.  I had just that measurement….




I cut 4 inches wide by 18 inches long.  I folded the strip in half(so it is 2 inches wide) and ironed it.  Open up the strip and lay it flat.   Then I took the raw seams and turned them towards my ironed lineby a scant 1/4 to 1/2 inch and ironed that.  I then folded my strip along the original ironed line ensuring that all raw edges are encased inside.  I then sewed all sides again making sure raw edges are inside!  Repeat for other strap!


Try on your tank again and place your sewn straps where you like them.  Pin in place front and back.  (you might need a friend to help pin the back)  After carefullyRolling on the floor laughing removing your pinned tank, sew them in place-front and back!!

You are DONE!!

I still had some scraps leftover and just eyeballed it and cut out some flower shapes, added a button, and hand sewed it to my new tank top!



This particuliar shirt is made of a knit fabric.  Sewing with knits is super easy-ONLY if you use a knit needle.  It makes all the difference in the world.  This is such a super easy and fast makeover.  I LOVE these projects because of that and also for the fact that I can repurpose fabric that I just love but may not LOVE the style of the shirt! 

I am sure you have some long sleeved shirts that you can makeover as well.  Anyhow, who wants to wear a long sleeve shirt.  I am happiest in my tank top and my flip-flops.  It’s a good day….Sun

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