Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Desk Set Accessories

It must be Spring because I have been doing lots of organizing and updating!  Summer break starts in just a few weeks(can you believe it) and this time of year lends the surge or “last chance” feeling I have been having!

When I saw this post for desk accessories, I knew I had found the answer to my unorganized, needs something, help, boring desk area in my kitchen.  It is by far, the catch-all area of my kitchen.  Until now…

My before picture shows all those pesky, ugly plugs and electrical wires that I loathe.  Big time.  I am very fortunate to have a desk area in my kitchen, but I have not showcased it properly.  Until now….



Ta-da!  Ta-da!  The big reveal…..


All the fun accessories, too!!!





My DH notched out the back of this shadow box so those pesky wires could be somewhat hidden and all the outlets would be hidden.  This also made for a flat-to-the-wall appearance.  My idea, of course!  The shadow box is extra-deep, 3 inches, and was purchased at Michael’s.  My DH’s concern was “how to we affix it to the ceramic tile”?  3M sells tape that adheres pictures to the wall without damaging it.  Perfect!



I had this little lamp lying around the house.  I have always admired it, but just did not have a place for it.  It had a black lampshade and I just covered it with brown fabric and added some leftover trim I had to match my kitchen décor.  I used spray adhesive for both the brown fabric and the trim.  Love that spray adhesive!


Some different angles of my desk makeover. 



There are tutorials for the blotter, pen cup, and photo frames on this wonderful website.


It was the total inspiration-transformation because of these how-to’s.  I am so thrilled to have my kitchen desk area soooo prettttttty.   A big huge thanks to sew4home!   Visit and read some past posts and you will want to decorate your home…

Now, to write all those letters I have been putting off…. Oh, but Mother’s Day is just around the corner, too.  Well, at least I have a very inviting space to accomplish thatEye rolling smile


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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful transformation....you are so organized! like the fabric you used too!


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