Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Slumbering...or so I wish!

Just before school started, my 2 DD's and I were at Hobby Lobby.  For my oldest daughter, it is fun for her.  For my youngest daughter, NOT SO MUCH.... She hates the fabric store!  I dread going there under these circumstances, but we had several errands to run and this was one of the stops.

As I was picking up what I needed, my youngest DD, Sierra, came to me with a bolt of fabric and said, "Mommy, can you make PJ's with this?  I love this fabric!"  It could have been the most expensive and ugliest fabric on earth and I would have bought it anyway.  I wonder if she is "growing up" and her creative juices are coming out...  I was shocked to hear those words from her.  Sierra wanted PJ's from this fabric and I almost forgot everything else I came to the store for because she definitely threw me a curve-but a very rewarding one!

Whooo would have known? ;)

Jo's stuff 014

Jo's stuff 016

Sometimes, it is just easier to cut 2 fabrics at the same time-which is what I did!  Sierra now has an assortment of Fall PJ's.

Jo's stuff 001

Jo's stuff 004

The owl applique is a freebie on sewforum and is just adorable!  The flower applique is my go-to- applique from

If you were wondering, both PJ bottoms are a capri-length.  This was also Sierra's idea and a great one!

Sierra's creativity is so refreshing and I am SO proud of her.  Proud, yes.  Scared, too.  Why you ask.... My sewing room is in jeporady.  To be taken over by a sassy pre-teen, twilighter, and book-lover.

And..... I'm loving every minute of it. ;) 

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Cole's Corner said...

Sooooo cute! I had to have that fabric from Hobby Lobby, too!


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