Thursday, September 9, 2010

Window Boxes with new life!

It seems as if all my home decor projects have been put on the backburner.  Summer vacation and summer heat does not lend inspiration for outdoor home dec projects.  This morning I woke up to a cool 68 degrees and it gave me the jolt I needed-almost more than a cup of coffee...

The morning newscasters were all talking about how "cool" it was outside,  Hmmmm, maybe Fall IS coming to Arizona.  With one of the hottest summers on record(that's what they claim) 68 degrees is almost jacket weather here.  I know....strange!

I had this "planned" a few weeks ago when I was at Lowes and discovered such pretty flowers and then spray paint.  Honestly, all summer they have looked barren and pathetic.


Some well-deserved flowers and 2 cans of spray paint later.....


Ahhhhhhh, Cleaned-up window boxes, pretty flowers, and cooler weather.  My outdoor furniture is brown and now my window boxes look like they belong in my backyard.

Why I am blogging about such a simple, simple project?  Sometimes the easiest projects are the ones we never get to.  This has such a nice effect for something that costs SO little and took less than an hour.

Now, a tall glass of peach ice tea, a chair, a good book, and then---- time to smell the flowers.....



Kimberlee said...

Love the new flowers and the new color. With this cooler weather I really do need to get outside and get the flower beds weeded, LOL!

Cole's Corner said...

I agree. It's those little projects that you never get to.

Your flowers look great!


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