Friday, February 12, 2010

Boy! Was this tough!

Hello everyone!  Glad to be back!  I have not blogged since last week.  Okay, first my digital camera broke.  Caput!  It is gone and we are researching so we can buy a new one!  How can I blog without my camera?!?

Brilliant idea, Jo!  I can "borrow" my DD's camera and use that for the time being.... Problem solved ;(  Yeah, right.
I took a class at Joann's this week and the project was an insulated lunch tote.  Okay, I should have finished it in the 3 hour time slot allowed, but did not because of my OCD with NOT following pattern directions!  LOL!  Although, the instructor actually likes my design better than the one offered!  Still not finished....

I FINALLY made something for me- a pair of PJ pants and I was about to post, when I was out and about and saw a lounging shirt on sale that would match my pants, but need some embellishing before it is finalized..... Still NOT finished.

Smack in the middle of all this, My DD's English teacher is due with her first baby, February 19th, and with the holiday weekend approaching-thought it would be in my best interest to complete this baby outfit. She is having a boy!! Oh, boy, really comes to mind!  For anyone that knows me, my world is very GIRLY!  I love all girl things and have been bestowed with 2 daughters, who are also GIRLY!  Boy things are challenging for me...

I have hundreds of embroidery designs.... Boy ones-NOT!  LOL!  They were like trying to find a needle in a haystack!  I decided on the 2 designs I wanted and somehow, one of the designs was corrupting my embroidery machine!  2 afternoons worth of trying to get my embroidery file to work-finally fiqured it was the design and NOT the machine....  Picked another design and FINALLY a finished project in over a week. 

Honestly, I am not the gal with unfinished projects in her sewing room.  I won't have it.  One project complete and move on to the next is my comfort zone.  In all my years of sewing, this is the first time that I have projects looming all over the place.  It is awful, uncomfortable, and irritating, to say the least.  I am hoping for a sunnier forecast ahead!

Here are the outfits for my DD's teacher.  The shorts are RTW from Walmart and I just embellished onesies!  Aaaaaaaargh, should have been an hour project....

Jo 051
Embroidery Design is a freebie from Juju designs.

Jo 057
Embroidery Design from
Frog Applique -50% off sale right now!!

May you have a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with chocolates!  I LOVE chocolate!

Oh boy, future sewing projects looming ahead....

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Cole's Corner said...

WOW! What a week. But your boys outfits are adorable! I love them.
Happy Valentines Day.


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