Thursday, February 18, 2010

PJ's for me!

Whew!  These PJ's have been hanging out in my sewing room way too long.  Probably because I was making them for me.  "Me" projects are very rare, but I am trying to change that. 
It all started with a trip to Hobby Lobby.  I found this fabric and immediately fell in love.  It is brown and pink damask-like flannel.  It was SO soft and I knew right then and there, I had to make a pair of PJ pants for myself.  I make them for the kids all the time.
Here is what I came up with.  It is a Simplicity Pattern #9505 and was extremely easy to put together.  Just 2 pieces of fabric.  Love that.....

Jo 002 
I then started "girling" them up a bit.  First the brown bow and then I found these 3 pink buttons in my stash.  I knew it was meant to be!
Jo 004
How could I leave the remnants of pink ric-rac in my stash?

Jo 009
I was just about to move them from the sewing room to my pajama drawer when I was out and about shopping and found this plain brown shirt on clearance.... $3.00  I grabbed it so fast and drove home with about 10 different ideas of what to do!
Jo 023
The shirt is a size Large and I am sort of a small-medium, but though a PJ top should be sort of loose anyway.  But it was just a little too baggy, so I altered it somewhat...  Decided to make an elastic belt in the back of the shirt for a more fitted look.
I drew a straight line across the back.
Jo 030
My shirt was 20" wide in the back, so I cut a piece of the flannel fabric 15" wide and 3" high.
Jo 031

Place right sides together the long way, seam together.  Turn right side out and iron flat.
Jo 033
 Jo 034
Then I cut a piece of 1/2" elastic 10 1/2 inches, so my belt would gather a bit.  After trying the shirt on, I found that this was the right size for me.
You can seam both edges, so the elastic doesn't escape.  Then attach elastic belt to each side seam of the shirt, following the line you drew.

Jo 036
Voila-fitted shirt, but still loose enough for lounging!

Jo 038

With all the scraps still left of this flannel, I added a bit of it in the little dip of the front of the shirt.  Easy.

Jo 005
I needed one final touch-flounces at the end of my sleeves.  This shirt was a 3/4 sleeve, so I just added my flounce to it, otherwise I would have cut the shirt.  The sleeve was 11 inches in circumference, so I cut a piece of PAPER 11 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches.  The additional 1/2 inch was my seam allowance.   I then cut the paper in 1 inch increments, careful to leave a scant 1/4" so it will stay together like this.
Fan the pieces and tape to another piece of paper and cut following the lines.  This is your pattern piece for a little flouncy sleeve detail.  Cut 2 pieces of fabric(1 for each sleeve.  Hem the longer edge(I allowed a 1/2" hem with my 3 1/2 inch wide fabric)  Seam the 2 short edges.
Attach flounce to edge of sleeve.  Right sides together.  Raw edge to edge of sleeve.  Sew onto sleeve!!
Jo 007
My New Pajamas!  Adorable and Comfy, too!
Jo 002
Sew up some PJ's for you!  You know you have fabric in your stash.....

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Cole's Corner said...

Those are sooo cute! I love that fabric from HL, too!


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