Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Comfy PJ's

This has been a very productive week... Everything just seems to be in place and no worries here!  Maybe it has something to do with the amazing weather we have been having.   Driving home this afternoon, running errands, I drove with the windows completely down.  I just love the feeling of the wind running through my hair and the sun shining in on me...  I was listening to a Hawaiian CD I had in my car by IZ!   A pina colada would have really made it a perfect day!
Reality struck me as soon as I came through the door.  :(   I have some comfy PJ's to blog about.  They give me such a fun feeling, too!  Can one ever have enough PJ's?  I don't think so.....

I made the pig themed ones for my youngest DD, who LOVES, LOVES pigs.  She is just so thrilled with them.  As was I when I found this fabric at Joann's in the clearance section no less.

Sewing 010
Embroidery Appliqué is a built-in design on my embroidery machine!
Sewing 018

The ice skate PJ's are for my oldest DD and the fabric is from Walmart.  It makes me think of the Olympic skaters this week.  It is by far my favorite event of the Olympics!

Sewing 017

Embroidery Ice Skate Appliqué is from

Sewing 016

I still have a pair of PJ's that I made for myself.  I am adding the final touches.... in between the daydreaming of a beautiful, sunny day, which is a gift and a lift that I needed.  :)

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Cole's Corner said...

Great P.J's.
My favorite Olympic sport is ice skating, too.

Jack said...

I am right there with your youngest DD, I love pigs. That being the case I have to say that that is one of the cutest applique embroidery designs I've seen in a long time. I take it you made it yourself since it's the same pattern as the pants?


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