Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Cookies!

I know it is a few days past Valentine's Day-but I just LOVE Valentine's Day! The restaurants and movies are SO crowded on a holiday, so we decided an outing on Monday(the day after)  My DD's had off yesterday, Monday, and we all went to see Valentine's Day(movie).  It was excellent, especially if you like chick-flicks!  Amazing cast and twists and turns!

When we returned home, I was questioned as to what kind of cookie I was baking.... Hmmmmm, my girls LOVE cookies-especially the ones that I bake.  They enjoy having them in their lunchboxes at school and having homemade cookies! 
Just before Christmas this year, my sister and I decided to bake together.  She had this recipe she found that required NO eggs... I thought it was a bit strange, but I am always up for the challenge.  I know that egg allergies have become more common and it would be a perfect candidate!  I also thought how many times I decided to bake something and did not have enough eggs required for a recipe.  I always have butter in the freezer and flour in the pantry.  ALWAYS....  This would be a great cookie recipe if it passes my 2 daughters and my husband's palettes..... Sounds too good to be true.  We had SO much fun baking!  We need to plan another bake-play-date!

These are delicious!   As my husband left for the office this morning, he said "Jo, please no more baking" as he patted his belly. (Yes, he likes them-if you were wondering) The flavor just melts in your mouth.  The original recipe calls for "Nestle swirled holiday morsels"  which are unavailable.  They discontinued them.  :(   I called Nestle around Christmas and they said there was not a demand for them!  I subsituted Valentine's M&M's.  I guess Nestle wants me and everyone else to purchase M&M's.  Imagine using the dark chocolate M&M's.  Using mint extract instead of vanilla.  The ideas are endless on this one!  I used my cookie dough scoop-it is the small 1 teaspoon size!

Look at the red, pink, and white M&M's!
Holiday Swirl 1
Sprinkled with powdered sugar!
Holiday Swirl 2
With roses from my DH!  Awwwwwwwwwwww!  
Holiday Swirl 4

Grab this recipe while it is still on the Internet! 


I think the saying "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" could possibly have some merit....  ;)  :)  ;)

Yummy for sure!  Thanks to my sister!

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Tricia said...

Your sister has yummy taste! ;)

Just Jo said...

YES, she does :)


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