Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cinnamon Quick Bread

Yesterday I received an email from Better Homes and Gardens with a link for some quick bread recipes.  I was just about to hit the delete button and thought I might just go visit this website.  Well, I was impressed by ALL the recipes and categories.  From crock-pot recipes to Game recipes(for this Sunday) this is a great website if you are looking for something new and exciting.  Personally, I get bored with the same recipes and a new recipe is something worth trying.....
Donning my apron and ingredients in hand,  I ventured to bake one of the recipes in their "quick breads."  I LOVE the smell of cinnamon baking and the heat of the oven warming my hands!
This is a very easy recipe and the outcome is an 8 out of 10.  It is a quick bread and NOT a cake, so it is not as sweet as a cake, but still somewhat sweet.  It definitely leaves you with a wonderful taste of cinnamon and nuts on your tonque!

Cinammon quick bread
Next time, I will drizzle some confectioner's sugar mixed with some water and vanilla extract on this.  Let it run!   Mmmmmmmmm!  Perfect for a mid- afternoon snack on a cold winter's day.  The forecast calls for rain on Wednesday and I am not pleased.  But pleased with this delicious quick bread!

Grab this recipe:  http://www.bhg.com/recipe/quickbreads/cinnamon-swirl-bread/

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Cole's Corner said...

Oh!!! That looks yum.

Cole's Corner said...


I gave you a blog award today.

Good Buy Consignment said...

Oh, that sounds so good!

Just Jo said...

Thank you SO much Nicole, for your kindness and thoughtfulness!


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