Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apron Set

Have you ever been invited to a neighbor's home for cheesecake and you have no idea what to bring as a little gift?My husband suggested fresh flowers-as beautiful as they are, they perish ... And how original?!?  I did make a cinnabon coffee cake and just wanted that "perfect" little something else!  I had two days notice to figure this out!

I remembered that Judy LOVES to bake, just like I do.  Aaaaaah, and if Judy is like me, her aprons have probably seen better days.  I know aprons the last couple of years are "in",  Now, to find fabric to complement my neighbor.  I found this fabric and thought who doesn't like hydrangeas?  I LOVE them...

Jo's sewing 006

Jo's sewing 010

Jo's sewing 015

A matching kitchen towel is a must to complete the set.  Good thing I have a stash of accessories to personalize in an emergency!  The towel is a royal blue.  My preference would have been aqua, but I think this color combo worked out just fine!

I know this was the perfect "little something" I was hoping for when I took the first bite of her delicious cheesecake.  Mmmmmmm.  She was not only surprised but so thankful for her new set.  Judy LOVED the "J" on the pocket.

Is it just me or is sewing/embroidery just the best hobby ever?  I LOVE bestowing something so personal to someone that sometimes cannot be purchased.  And I get to spend time in my sewing room......  

Not only will Judy look fabulous in her apron, but she can bake up some fabulous desserts as well.  Judy- you know where I live....

Purple Just Jo.jpg

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Cole's Corner said...

Soooo cute! I bet she was thrilled.


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