Friday, April 30, 2010

Flip-Flop Beach/Pool Bag & Towel

On Monday, I received a phone call from my DD's friend's mother.  She is having a surprise party for her DD-last minute!  I was told not to tell my DD about the party until I was driving her to it!  That way it would hopefully be a surprise!  Okay, I can do that!  But..... I cannot ask my DD what her friend likes.
I thought about the usual gifts, maybe a gift card(boring) and then I decided to make her something.  Summer is approaching (at least where I live) and I thought a pool bag( we live in AZ, so I can't call it a beach bag ;(  A new pool season calls for a new towel, too! 
Off to the sewing room(yeah) and a bag and matching towel were created!  I had to secretly sew and embroider without my DD knowing.  If she saw the name "Daly" on this bag she would know that something was up.  I had to clean-up all the evidence whenever I was sewing!  She does not have a clue.....

Pool Bag
Daly's Bag 006
Daly's Bag 017
Matching Towel, of course...
Daly's Beach Bag 008
I purchased the flip-flop fabric from Walmart, but I have also seen it at Joann's.  It is a home dec/outdoor fabric.
The striped fabric on the bag is from Joann's and is also a home dec/outdoor fabric!   I thought this kind of fabric would be perfect for our AZ sunshine!
The flip-flop appliqué is from
Love this appliqué!!

Okay, grab the sunscreen!  It's pool time!

Purple Just Jo.jpg

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Cole's Corner said...

What a cute birthday present. I love it!!!


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