Friday, April 23, 2010

Refashioned Shirt!

Yesterday was Earth Day.  I think we have become aware of how much we waste.  It's true.  I'm glad that our city recycles.  I use fabric bags I've made to carry my groceries.  Small things DO make a difference.  I have read so many blogs where one turns one garment into something totally different-and usually nicer.  Is it "green" or our economy that we are being more creative.  Makes you wonder.....
Honestly, I have SO much fabric that I could make 20 shirts and just barely put a dent in my stash.  Something jumped out at me when my DH did not want this shirt.  I bought this for him several years ago and he wore it but a few times.  He said he did not like the pocket on the shirt-  he does not like pockets on shirts(Note to self...) 
Here is his shirt-Not SO bad...;(
Ken's shirt 002
First I cut the fabric into several pieces.
Ken's shirt 008
Ken's shirt 011
Ken's shirt 010
I found a pattern that I thought my DD would like in my pattern pile.  It is Simplicity # 4123.  I laid out the pattern pieces to the pieces of cut fabric(men's shirt) and it looked like it would work!
I have to admit, some pieces JUST made it!  The pattern was not a button-down shirt, but I thought using the button-down would add some flair.
Ken's shirt 013
Ken's shirt 016
Ken's shirt 015
This was like putting a puzzle together!  Fitting the pattern pieces to the cut shirt!
Here is the outcome!
Ken's shirt 038

I used a thick rolled-edge on my serger and then gathered 2 strips of fabric to create a ruffle.
Ken's shirt 026
I still had the placket from the back of the shirt.  It was sewn on the bias and a bit stretchy.  I liked the way it looked and thought-girl=accessories.   Headband!  Quick, turn on the sewing machine!

Ken's shirt 039
One happy daughter= a green good day!
ken's shirt 043
Yes, DD, I KNOW Green Day is the name of a band....

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Cole's Corner said...

Oh Jo! That turned out SOOOO Cute and your daughter is a cutie pie.


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