Friday, April 9, 2010

Robe Redo

I purchased this robe a few weeks ago.  I had originally passed it up and while I was shopping, I went back and scooped it up.  It looked stark but warm and comfy.  I know what you are thinking.... Who cares as long as it is clean!  It was just too plain for me, but the comfy factor was screaming at me.  Minky fabric is SO soft.
Jo's Sewing 004

Jo's Sewing 007
I feel like Sandra Lee from the Food Network-semi-homemade.  Yes, that is my description of this somewhat sewing project.  Embellish a piece of RTW.  Easy, fast, and fashionista-looking results.  Should I also mention that it was on mega-sale?  Winter clearance!

stuff 007
Some faux fur on the cuffs and a "J" appliqué  and it was done.  It took me longer to figure out what I wanted to do with it, then the actual project.  I should have bought an additional one, as I KNOW my mother will want one.  Honestly, I thought I was bringing this back to the store....
Now I just need a good book, a cup of tea, a quiet house?, and my robe.... Sounds like a wonderful evening, or morning and into the afternoon. 
I will just keep dreaming-a girl can dream, right?

Purple Just Jo.jpg


Cole's Corner said...

JoAnn- that is soooo cute!!!! I love it... and I LOVE Sandra Lee, too.

Ella and Lucy make 'cocktails' sometimes because I watch that show with them. hahahahhahahhaa.... it's so funny because they have no idea what it is and I have never drank!

Still... they are so cute when they fill their make believe cups with lego ice cubes and say- it's cocktail time!

Just Jo said...

That is too funny! My DH knows her as the "drink lady" or the one who matches her clothes and kitchen!
So your girls make "mocktails"! Funny!
Thanks for the laughs and kind remarks!
Have a GREAT weekend!


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