Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Name Pillows!

I am back into the swing of things, as far as my sewing/embroidering things!  I just LOVE spending time in my sewing room and creating.  In a perfect world, I would spend most of my life in there..... :)  I hosted Easter this Sunday and my focus and energy was on having the perfect holiday dinner!  Yum.
As Easter was approaching, I was trying to fiqure out what I could fill my nephew and niece's Easter baskets with.  Hmmmmmmm, my sister(and myself) are not into filling them with sweet, sugary treats.   Then the dilemma broadens, because next in line would be toys.  Sigh.. Sigh... They have SO many toys and I wanted something unique.  Well, I put on my sewing cap, gladly and without hesitation, and this is what happened.
Jo's Sewing 009
I thought kids=dirt so I made the pillow form  removable so the pillow case can be removed for easy laundering.
Jo's Sewing 012
For Michael, as you may have seen in a previous blog post, has his room decorated in blue camo.  I made him a matching name pillow with his initals.  My thought was it looked "stronger" with a camo-theme then placing his name. 
Jo's Sewing 023
Kids=dirt theory and this is the back of the pillowcase!
Jo's Sewing 026
The applique font I used is called "Aiden font" from http://planetapplique.com/

It comes with a frilly, girly-girl version(love that) and a satin-stich version.  It is like getting 2 for 1!  Great deal and great font!

Upon the completion of these 2 pillows, I have received 2 custom orders... My 2 daughters have vocalized that they both "need" one for their bedrooms!  I'm thinking this might be a great project for us to work on during summer break.  Yes, it is rolling in fast... Too fast!

I just might "need" a pillow to rest my weary head at the thought of summer break......Zzzzzzzzz, sigh, Zzzzzzzzzz, sigh.
I'm sure you Moms understand.

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Cole's Corner said...

Those are so cute. Did you use pre-quilted fabric on them? They look fantastic.

Just Jo said...

The solid pink part where Kate is appliqued is prequilted fabric! The little squares of various browns/pinks are scraps that I cut and pieced together! Thanks for your kind remark!

Karen said...

Very very cute!! You did a great job.


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