Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Black and White Summer Top!

When I gave my neighbor the below post-Apron Set, I was quite jealous.  Why is it I always have time to sew for everyone else-except me?  I have come to learn that is the way it is with sewers.   My aprons are pathetic and sad-looking.  They have been used and abused-yes, with all my baking!  Hmmmm, idea for a new project.  Do I have fabric for a new apron for me, what pattern do I use, do I really need one or want one... Oh, I can go on and on...
Anyway, I seized the moment today and sewed a summer top for me.  It really does look much nicer on.  It is a new pattern that I purchased about 2 weeks ago-yes for me, and unbelievably sewed it up!  I think I am more excited that I created something for me instead of gifts, curtains, or the hemming of pants...I recently sewed a robe for a puppet!  Don't ask....
Here is the link to the summer top pattern.
It is Simplicity pattern #2415.
Jo's Sewing 008
Jo's Sewing 014
Jo's Sewing 016
This top has a baby-doll sort of look.  It is flowy and I love the "faux" tie bow.  It may be hard to see in the pictures as my camera does not like black/white combos.
I really want to make the 3/4 sleeve variation with the adorable ruffle, but I think summer is approaching pretty fast and I will get more use of the short sleeve.
Now to sort through ALL my apron patterns and decide on one... If I actually sew an apron up for me, it may be TOO much for me.  Two projects for me in a short span of time.... I don't know if I can handle this much excitement ;)

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Cole's Corner said...

So cute.
And I totally agree... I am always making stuff for other people and their kids.


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