Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flower Jungle Dress for DD!

Today's forecast is sunny and 99!  Yes, 99 degrees.  Piece of cake for us, really!  One way to feel cooler(and look divatastic) is too wear a flowy dress, such as this one.  Since I made my DD a top out of this same pattern, I decided to try the dress.  Easy and very rewarding in about an hour or so....

The pattern is Mccalls M6009!



I have the same pattern in my size and I would love to sew one up for me!  If you noticed this is one of the fabrics from my "fabric extravaganza" from last week.
With 2 days of school left, my DD's will be on vacation for the next 10 weeks.  I am hoping for some sewing extravaganzas and hope to NOT put my sewing machines on summer break.....  DD's permitting!

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Kimberlee said...

That is so cute! I picked up simplicity patterns for my size and daughter's sizes at $0.99 each a couple weeks back. I think those would make a good weekend project! Thanks for posting the pics!


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