Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Master Bath Valance Curtains(Finally)

The title of my post says it all-finally!  I mean a couple of years finally!  I had NO idea what to do.....until I read this blog.  She really is "centsantional" in every sense of the word.  When I saw this valance she made for her kitchen, I knew this was the long-awaited answer I was looking for!


When I purchased this bedroom comforter ensemble, it had it all.  Comforter, dust ruffle, shams, Euro Shams, decorative throw pillows and 2 sets of curtains and 4 valances!  WOW!

But I knew I had to make some kind of curtains for my odd sized windows in my master bathroom!

Bathroom Valances 001

home decor 025

Bathroom Valances 010

Bathroom Valances 008

Just in case you are wondering, my bathroom paint color is a subtle mustardy yellow.  It came out pretty vibrant in these pictures!

This is a very easy project!  It is practically a no-sew project( unless you want it to be) and you need a staple-gun!  Easy!

Please visit the link I posted for all the details!
Now, if I only could soak in my tub and enjoy my hard work!  Aaaaaaaa- okay, back to reality!

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Lise said...

We are trying to use this fabulous idea and make curtains for my living room. I looked at your link and really liked her ideas but the curtains you did seemed so much more "sculpted" and less "bunchy" at the bottom. Did you use a straight piece of fabric? Or did you cut it a little curve to start with? We REALLY like the more formal look this has over the gathered look of others. You have some great projects! This is another link I have been refrencing http://7layerstudio.typepad.com/7_layer_studio/2009/11/tutorial-for-custom-valances.html THANKS!


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