Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fabric Extravaganza!

I think this may have cured me of my lack of mojo!  We seemed to have dodged colds and the flu this winter, but with that being said... we had the stomach flu visit our household recently-and it was NOT fun!  I seemed to have been hit the hardest.  It left me without energy and seemed to have stolen my motivation for sewing projects.  Until now.....

I was at Walmart yesterday and unfortunately they are closing their fabric section. :(   I'm bummed, but I got in on some great fabrics-at GREAT prices!

I purchased 63 yards of fabric, 21 yards of decorative trim, 10 yards of webbing for tote bags, and 4 smocked fabric for dresses.. All for 107.00.  I nearly had a panic attack picking out all the fabrics! Many I just took whatever was left on the bolts....

Here are my fabric finds!

Senior Night May 2010 062

There is a mix of cottons, home dec!, and knit.  Look at the yummy aqua/ beige stripe.  10yds of home dec for 9.99!  The light green Hawaiian is a rayon and would make a great dress... Love the red/white/flowers, also! 

Senior Night May 2010 074

Senior Night May 2010 073

If you shop Walmart for fabrics, I am sure you recognize some of these fabrics.  The black smocked dresses originally were $17.97 a yard.  Scooped them up for $4.49 a yard.  The princess smocked fabric was $2.49 a yard.... Unbelievable!

Senior Night May 2010 065

The home dec trim was .49 a yard!  Took the whole thing... I also bought the off-white webbing, which make great handles for tote bags.  At .24 a yard, how could I go wrong?

I could hardly cart these out the door at Walmart.  In fact, with all those bolts, they asked to see my receipt!  Wow!

This definitely has given me my mojo back to sew, but a sadness still looms that Walmart is closing their fabric departments.  I know that their have been mixed feelings about Walmart fabrics, but I have ALWAYS found quality fabrics at reasonable prices... I am deeply saddened that Walmart does not see the big picture.  Customers shop Walmart for tons of things and the fabric department was a draw.  For some customers, Walmart is all they have!   It is a shame that the 3 piece suits are NOT seeing this....

Believe it or not, I am returning to Walmart today, as I want to purchase some MORE fabrics that I tossed aside yesterday.  This is my last chance at Walmart fabric... 

Oh, did I mention how exciting it is coming home with all this fabric?  Also, bittersweet is telling Mr. Just Jo about my fabric extravaganza... He might call Fabricaholics on me and send me away until I'm cured!  (He should know-NEVER)

  Any ideas would be welcomed! ;)  Help! ;)





Kimberlee said...

I picked up some fabric from Wal-Mart last night. But just some remants and a coordinating yard for a baby quilt (I think that is what it is going to end up as, LOL). The one here closes in July so I am saving my pennies for when it gets closer to the end. :(

Cole's Corner said...

Oh man! The Wal-Mart in my hometown was getting rid of the fabric dept. when I was in town last time. My Mom and I spent.... $100's of dollars. It was sooooo fun! I see we got some of the same fabrics!

If you find a solution to that fabric problem.... help me, too.

dljunkie said...

I didn't know there were any Walmart stores left around here that still had fabric except for the one off the 101 and Chapparal, and I think they're closed now. Well let me clarify -- I was there last week, and the sales lady said they were closing their fabric dept. When I asked why nothing was marked down, she said everything was going to a store somewhere downtown (Phoenix - I think she mentioned Indian School) Where's this one you're talking about?
Count me in in the Fabrics Anonymous club.

Just Jo said...

I feel very comforted and "normal" with your comments! Thanks! DLJunkie, I went to the Happy Valley and 27th ave. They still have some left. They also said Anthem's walmart will be open for about a year. Hmmmm, running down to chapparal! Thanks!

Tricia said...

Jo - Call me - I have plenty of ideas for the princess smocked fabric. So cute!!


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