Thursday, May 13, 2010

Polka Dot Tank Top Dress

Okay, I hate to admit it, but school is just about done!  My DD's have 1 week left- it is just insane how FAST this school year has gone.   It also means summer is just about the corner.   What female doesn't want(need) a fun, summery dress to flirt around in?  My oldest DD picked out the fabric I used.  I bought the tank-top at Target for a steal.  I liked the cinched-in bustline.  Yes, flirty! When I mean flirty, I mean fun and cute!
Here is the tank top I cut and attached to the polka dot fabric-heart it!

Lauren's Tank Top Dress 002
Notice the waistline above.  It's okay and could be worn just as is.  But, no..... I kept on going because I thought it could be more.
The tank top was cut to fit to the waist and I ruffled the white knit fabric scraps.

Lauren's Tank Top Dress 010
I also sewed a cumberbund-style belt.  It is 3 inches wide and ties in a fun bow in the back.
Lauren's Tank Top Dress 014
What is that dangling on my garment stand?  Girls=accessories. A ruffled headband was a must.
Lauren's Tank Top Dress 027
This headband ties and dangles in the back.  Fun and flirty!  My DD LOVES it!

 Lauren's Tank Top Dress 002

Last but not least, I must give credit where credit is due as they say.  The inspiration from this dress comes from this blog.  Thank you SO much for the tutorial!
Visit this blog for the how-to.  Easy-really!

I am now racing into my sewing room to make a dress for my youngest DD.  It will be a different style dress!  DD's NEED to have their own sense of style.....
If you read my previous post about the fabric shopping extravaganza, my dilemma is which fabric to use?  Ohhhhhhhhh, so much fabric, SO little time.....


Hattie said...

I Love your verson of the Alice dress. That fabric is too cute and the matching headband makes the outfit! Awesome job!

Cole's Corner said...

She looks so cute in her new dress. I love it!

Kell said...

Love that dress, My dd just peeked and said she would like one too! hehe


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