Monday, May 24, 2010

Memory Pillow

My LJ's BFF(best friends forever) was moving to Mexico.  I can remember when I was that age and how your BFF was everything to you.  I am saddened that both girls have to endure this.  ;(

On Thursday, with one day left of school, and my DD's BFF leaving, my DD wanted me to make something "special".  Thank you DD!  I had to come up with something quick, special, and hope that I had all the supplies I needed.  I went to bed that night not knowing what to do and knew I had to have it done by Friday afternoon!

Memory pillow.... that's it!  Pillows are generally quick to make.  I found some fabric leftovers I had from another project and decided to use that!  I asked my DD for a picture of her and her friend that I could place on the pillow!

Ady's Pillow 013

I used photo transfer paper that you print the picture on.  You then transfer it to fabric with your iron.  It was somewhat a tricky process as this was the first time I ever used this product.


Haste makes waste as they say, because the quality of it could have been much better.  User error on MY part, but I think it came out okay....

I also made the back of the pillow sham-like for easy cleaning.  Yes, you can machine-wash this in cold water.  It really is an amazing product!

Ady's Pillow 017

My DD just LOVED it!  I am making her a replica, as per her request!  Her friend LOVED it, too and said the pillows are the colors of her new bedroom! 

When your last-minute creativity works out, it is a good day!  Under these circumstances, not really.  It is a sad day and I have a strong feeling some tough days ahead....



Cole's Corner said...

It's so cute!... and I kind of like the distressed look of the picture. Cute, cute, cute. So sad for your daughter, though, my best friend moved away when I was young, too. It's hard.

Love the new blog make over. Cute.

Kimberlee said...

That came out very cute. You can never have to many pillows!


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